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Trump’s America Excited to Become More Ignorant and Uncultured with Proposed Budget Cuts


The new budget proposed by President Donald Trump especially as it relates to the arts is the perfect roadmap on how to make Americans dumb and dumber. No surprise for a man whose cultural appetite skews toward reality TV, Fox News and the National Enquirer. No surprise for the Republican Party that has had arts funding in its crosshairs for years often offended by the “liberal propaganda.”

Aspiring to make Americans dumb as a rock and making the country a true cultural ghetto has been happening for years and not the way to “Make America Great Again.” Minorities have been the most effected by the reduction in arts programs and reduced access to art instruction in public schools, where Latinos are the majority, but who cares that studies show kids in arts-rich schools have higher high school graduation rates and achieve higher academic success. The complete elimination of funding as the proposed budget calls for will further impair minority group’s access to art instruction, programs and cultural events.

The culturally vapid president clearly identifies with art if he is in it, is doused in gold or has his name spelled out in big block letters. Therefore he is very comfortable and ready to kill Sesame Street, the American Ballet Company, Latino Americans on PBS, NPR Latino USA and of course thousands of art instruction programs throughout the country. Therefore Latinos must advocate loud and clear for the continued support for arts funding by the federal government.

The Trump budget takes federal arts funding from $1 billion to NADA. To some other government departments he threw them a bone, though only a clavicle size bone in the sense that their budgets were only cut 30 percent-to-40-percent. With arts it was 100 percent.

The cuts proposed are as follows:

National Endowment for the Arts and Humanities ($148M Cut): Funds, promotes, and strengthens the creative capacity of communities by providing all Americans with diverse opportunities for arts participation.

Public Broadcasting System (PBS) and National Public Radio (NPR) ($445M Cut): Ensures universal access to non-commercial, high-quality content and telecommunications services. It does so by distributing more than 70 percent of its funding to more than 1,400 locally owned public radio and television stations.

Institute of Museum and Library Services ($230M Cut): Main source of federal support for museums and, administers federal funding support for more than 123,000 libraries in virtually every community in the country.

Latinos need to write their congressman and/or senator to urge continued funding of critical arts programs, art grants and of course PBS and NPR – cultural support institutions Latinos have greatly benefited from.

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