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Remembering Mexican Actress and Iconic Beauty Dolores del Rio on Her Birthday


Today in 1904 renown Mexican actress Dolores del Rio was born in Durango, Mexico. Del Rio worked in multiple entertainment platforms from silent films to stage to TV, interestingly starting her career in the U.S. in silent pictures. A star is dedicated to Del Rio on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.

The iconic beauty is also recognized as one of the most beautiful actresses of the Golden Age of Mexican cinema and the first Mexican cross-over star in Hollywood starring in hits like “Flying Down to Rio” and “The Fugitive.” Her epic portrayal of “Maria Candelaria” garnered the movie a best picture award in Cannes in 1946.

Del Rio came from a wealthy and powerful banking family in Durango and was baptized by the archbishop who also happened to be her uncle. Another famous relative was Francisco Madero the President of Mexico from 1911 to 1913. As was the tradition at the time she wed at 16 in an arranged marriage to Jaime Martinez del Rio who was 34-years-old, the first of several husbands.

Del Rio first showed the world her talent in the 1926 silent film classic “What Price Glory” portraying Charmane de la Cognac, the peasant daughter of a local innkeeper whose is the love interest of two men. Del Rio was never without work working from 1925 to 1929 on fifteen silent movies.

With the advent of talking films Del Rio returned to her native Mexico after encountering difficulty landing talking roles due to her heavy accent. Not only did she star in numerous movies but became a recognized stage actress and is revered for role in the Golden Age of the Mexican film industry.

Del Rio died at the age of 77 on April 11, 1993 in California.

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