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Did You Know the Healthiest Hearts in the World Belong to a Remote Bolivian Tribe?


You might not ever envy the life of a remote indigenous lowland tribe of Bolivia known as the Tsimane, but you will surely envy the fact that this group has the world’s healthiest arteries with the real possibility of never suffering death at the hands of Americans number one killer: heart attack.

How is that possible?

Well the Tsimane, and there aren’t many of them, go get their food, no stores or PeaPod delivery, they hunt and fish for what they need. There are no roads or cars so they walk everywhere to do everything, keeping them on their feet nearly 6 hours a day. Apparently it doesn’t matter that they have no regular access to running water or electricity. With no electricity there is no TV watching which clearly is a lifestyle positive.

The 9,000 tribe members live in the region where the Amazon rainforest meets the Andes mountains among 80 small villages in clusters of 50-150. They enjoy homemade meals of food recently caught or cut. Their healthy diets consists of wild meat (nothing processed), forest vegetation (no chemical additives to enhance color), plantains, rice, fish and a toddy to finish it off. They enjoy sweet manioc derived from the mandioca root native to South America that is fermented to give it its kick.

Researchers visited various tribes between 2014 and 2015, taking CT scans of adult tribe members as well as noting their age, weight, cholesterol and blood glucose. And what they found was unprecedented. The Tsimane have the healthiest arteries of any population on Earth ever studied, therefore nearly eliminating the risk of hardened arteries or heart attacks. An 80-year Tsimane was found to have the heart health of his American counterpart in their mid-50s.

If you want to visit the Tsimane, don’t bother, they tend to only socialize among their own and rarely enter Bolivian society. The bad news is tourism is growing in the region due to the superb fly fishing. Hopefully the Tsimane wouldn’t be influenced to leave behind their healthy lifestyles.

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