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Worried About Nations Problems: Pray Like ‘Jesus Did’ Says Presidential Hopeful Gov. Perry (VIDEO)

Worried About Nations Problems: Pray Like ‘Jesus Did’ Says Presidential Hopeful Gov. Perry (VIDEO)

Photo: Governor Rick Perry

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UPDATE:  Today Governor Rick Perry has been sued to stop his Prayer and Fasting Day by a network of atheists and agnostics on the basis the event violates the constitutional ban of government’s endorsing any religion. 

If you are tired of getting invited to another summer barbeque party then here’s a unique and one-of-a-kind invite.  The video invite is to a national day of prayer to pray away the country’s problems.  And no that doesn’t mean you will be praying until hell freezes over just 7 hours of prayers should do it, since the event is from 10-5pm. 

I bet you have never received something like that from Evite before.  And HS-News has the video invitation here for you from Texas Governor Rick Perry.  And for you Latinos that think the Governor doesn’t like Mexican-Americans or Spanish speaking people the invite can can also be found in Espanol

Presidential hopeful ‘Praying’ Perry is inviting everyone to a national day of prayer and fasting (so forget the barbeque) on August 6th at Houston’s Reliant Stadium, the very same place that you can watch national rodeo competitions from.  You and thousands of your close and impersonal friends can pray and fast in the solemn 125,000 square foot space. 

In the video you can see Perry urging his fellow Americans to pray ‘like Jesus did’ for the nation’s problems.  It maybe too late for the nation’s debt crisis to be prayed for since the August 2nd deadline for increasing the debt limit will have come and gone.  But you can always pray that the Republican presidential slate of candidates gets kookier, if that’s even possible.  Or pray, if we are to believe Rep. Michele Bachmann, to get the gay out of you.

To Perry’s credit he does recognize his limitations and therefore the need to call in a bigger force than him (no not Sarah Pallin, its’ God silly) to solve terrorism, national debt, unemployment and all the problems Democrats have created. 

Make sure to bring a hostess gift to your host the American Family Association.  Don’t let the fact that several organizations like the Anti-Defamation League have accused them of promoting hate bother you.  And if you really are bothered by organizations that think everyone except themselves is going to hell maybe just buy them something from the $1 bin at Target and put a nice bow on it and call it a day.

So if you are free on August 6th and want to visit Texas when the temperature is a balmy 110 degrees, click here