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Will 800 Latino Delegates Help Obama Win in November?

Will 800 Latino Delegates Help Obama Win in November?

Photo: Julian Castro at DNC

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The Republican Party might be conveniently silent on the number of Latino delegates at their convention last week, not so the Democrats who are yelling from every rooftop:  record number of Latino delegates are here in North Carolina.

The Democrats are reporting there are approximately 800 Latino delegates in Charlotte, which make this a historical turnout.  According to Fox News Latino the RNC Latino delegate count has not been disclosed despite repeated requests for that number.

So you know that ‘silence is golden’ only when something sucks.  The party did not even provide an estimate and round it up like Chipotle does – so you know it can’t be a respectable number.

Both parties have touted their Latino-heavy speaker’s list but it’s the delegates who go out there and get the candidate their votes.  The Republicans have made much of the Latino governors and U.S. Senator that spoke at the convention ignoring the largely white canvas of people they spoke to.  Forgotten is the fact those governors (Susanna Martinez and Brian Sandoval) and senator (Marco Rubio) won without much of the Latino vote. 

Romney on the other hand needs the Latino vote and is hoping for 38% of that vote, a goal that is looking very elusive.  Most polls show President Obama having a substantial lead over Romney amongst Latino voters with more than 60% of that vote.

These Latino delegates need to get out there and make sure Latinos first and foremost vote, which is a risk Obama runs – apathy.  There are a multitude of voter registration drives and star-studded pleas from Hollywood for Latinos to vote.  One of the most popular is VotoLatino.org that counts on the support from Wilmer Valerrama, Demi Lovato, America Ferrera and Rosario Dawson, amongst others.

Having the first Latino, San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, give a keynote address didn’t hurt and was meant to fire up the Latino base and it appears to have worked. 

Now let’s see if those 800 delegates can help Latinos ignore Obama’s deportation numbers (1.4 million), Latino unemployment and foreclosure rates and focus on “the man who’s always chosen us” according to Julian Castro.