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Why is Univision’s Maria Elena Salinas Pissed at Mitt Romney?

Why is Univision’s Maria Elena Salinas Pissed at Mitt Romney?

Photo: Maria Elena Salinas Dishes on Mitt Romney

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Univision’s anchor Maria Elena Salinas did some dishing about Mitt Romney and his appearance last week on the network’s presidential candidate forums that hosted President Barack Obama and Romney separately.

So in case you were wondering how the typically lack luster Republican candidate Romney motivated the University of Miami crowd to roars while the President-with-a-Personality lulled his audience – moderator Maria Elena Salinas has the answer.   

It was thanks to last minute demands made by the Romney camp, Salinas dished to newsite BuzzFeed.

One of Romney’s advisers, Alberto Martinez, would have us believe what we saw on TV was reality instead of staged reality TV.  “I think [Romney] did an amazing job, and I think it was pretty clear there wasn’t the same excitement for President Obama.” 

Wow this must be where wacky meets khaki!

Salinas, who along with the silver fox Jorge Ramos (pronounced George Ramon by the Republicans backing English-only legislation) moderated the candidates forums, claims Romney’s camp asked to break the ‘student-only’ audience forum rule when they couldn’t find enough Cuban-Republicans, I mean student conservatives at the University of Miami to attend.  She also disclosed they threatened (my word not hers) to “reschedule” the televised event if they couldn’t bus in Florida supporters – something Obama did not ask for.

To quote BuzzFeed: “Obama’s campaign, meanwhile, stuck to the original parameters and allowed a large chunk of the tickets to be distributed to interested students on campus. The result was a quiet, well-behaved crowd — and a lot of no-shows.” 

Salinas was pissed because the manufactured audience over reacted to Romney’s every word, which she says was ‘disrespectful’ to the forum format and I say is pushing reality TV to the limits of credibility.  However, I am fair and balanced and therefore say let him enjoy every applause because they are dwindling in numbers and volume.  Soon the campaign will have a “Do Not Resuscitate” written all over it.

That wasn’t all it appears that Romney had a hissy fit about.  Ramos introduced Romney by saying the Republican candidate agreed to 35 minutes on the Spanish-only network while the Deporter-in-Chief Obama agreed to talk for an one-hour.  Romney felt that though the statement was true it made him look bad – no worries Mitt everything you say to and about Latinos looks and sounds bad. Image

Romney refused to come out after the introduction and while the TV cameras were rolling, agreeing only to come out AFTER Univision consented to retaping the intro and getting rid of the 35 minutes versus 1 hour comment.  I can just imagine the steam coming out of Salinas’ ears and nostrils when this is happening. 

On the bright side Republicans can be thankful Mitt has such high standards of mediocrity. 

Now for those pro-Romney voters and all the Latino Republicans (all four of you) don’t start bashing Salinas she did in fact defend Romney in one aspect of his appearance on Univision.  When some critics thought the male, pale and stale Republican candidate might of plied on the make-up to morph into a dark-faced Latino, Salinas came to his defense.  Salinas stated to BuzzFeed Romney did not request extra make-up “he was just a little sunburned.”  Thank God I wouldn’t want a candidate that panders to Latinos for a vote.

As for all of you high and mighty media critics thinking Spanish-language news media tends to be unprofessional and Salinas catty for dishing on a presidential-contender pretender let’s not forget this happened around the same time CNN ‘borrowed’ and leered at the diary of assassinated Ambassador Christopher Stevens, a personal diary CNN found while scrounging around the burnt embassy also known as a crime scene.