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Weekly Special: Forgiveness for Abortion Being Dispensed by the Pope Himself in Spain

Weekly Special: Forgiveness for Abortion Being Dispensed by the Pope Himself in Spain

Photo: Confessionals for World Youth Day in Spain

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When Pope Benedict arrives in Madrid this week for World Youth Day he will not only be bringing his blessings but forgiveness for any woman who confesses to having an abortion and a welcome back mat to the Catholic church.

Typically when a Catholic woman has an abortion the Church deems this a mortal sin that gets you excommunicated and condemned to Hell.  In the U.S. you can ask for forgiveness and seek penance from a priest who will absolve you, not so in Spain that is until now.

This ‘special’ forgiveness power was granted to all priests in Madrid in honor of the Pope’s visit according to a Vatican spokesperson.  Typically when a visiting head of state comes to another country they bring a plaque or a bauble, here the Pope is bringing his power of selective forgiveness. 

Not sure if these special powers have an expiration date or are only good while the Pope is in Madrid.  Also not sure how a priest can go back to not forgiving a sin they forgave last week??  Maybe if I pray enough I will become enlightened.

So, will there be a rush for forgiveness like there is for the midnight blue light specials at retailers?  If there is the Church has also thought of that.  They are setting up 200 white pop-up confessional boxes and you might be one of the fortunate to have the Pope, who will be sitting in one of those this upcoming Saturday, hear your confession. 

Is this what happens when the Spanish flock is dwindling in numbers – forgive, forget and they will come???  Or maybe since the Church is forgiving so many of its own sins they want to share the wealth.

The Pope’s visit is mired, as always in controversy but it’s the price tag of $73 million dollars in a country living under severe financial austerity that is causing the most outrage in Spain.  To those blasphemizing the Pope and/or God remember that is the only sin no matter what not forgiven by the Church.

Will a 10-minute or less process that grants forgiveness, welcomes you back to church and as an added bonus keeps you out of hell while sitting in a 6 x 4 cardboard box help ease anyone’s conflict with the Catholic Church?  Is this the next IT thing to do for all autocratic institutions attempting to look rational and democratic? 

More likely it will have you asking more questions about its relevance.