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The Week Cable TV Offended Hispanics - Well Maybe Just This Hispanic

This week CNN and Nickelodeon TV really gave me pause to question my undying love and addiction to cable TV, especially the type that is bland and mind numbing.  It’s the kind of TV that you have baby sit your kids or have on in the back ground while having sex.  But when I find out CNN and Nickelodeon are possibly involved in exploiting el pueblo I am not happy. 

Don’t take my $29.95/month and then under pay the voice of Dora the Explorer, opt for whore-loving Eliot Spitzer instead of Rick Sanchez and claim ignorance to Lou Dobbs undocumented labor force.

We are only finding out this week that Rick Sanchez is not an ignoramus and buffoon as was widely reported but an advocate for all Hispanic’s wanting to be on prime time (and not on the Most Wanted of course).  His rants, that cost him his job on CNN, were fueled by being passed over for a prime time slot that was given to former NY Governor Eliot Spitzer, otherwise known as Client #9.  Pobre Ricardo he was so devastated he had his wife apologize for his gaffes before finding the cojones to make a public statement himself.  Any man that pays $100,000 for 20-minutes worth of sex and keeps his sox on is indeed more of a buffoon than Sanchez.  Reinstate him now.

ImageThis insult was followed by news that horses ass Lou Dobb (formerly with CNN): Mr. Anti-Immigrant, the border is broken banterer, A-1 fear monger was the subject of a yearlong undercover investigation by left-leaning magazine The Nation.  The magazine discovered Dobbs hired undocumented immigrants to shovel horse shit and listen to his shit (i.e. his radio program) while getting paid very little on his horse farm.  CNN has distanced themselves from Dobbs and his personal matters.  Once again if CNN can employ someone like Dobbs, Sanchez isn’t looking too bad even when he’s destroying the English language and playing fast and loose with the facts. 

ImageThen came the final insult of the week for Latinos: Nickelodeon allegedly ripping off fourteen-year old Caitlin Sanchez, the voice of Dora the Explorer.  Sanchez and her family are suing Nickelodeon for inadequate wages alleging the network “duped” the Sanchez family into accepting $5,115 per episode and lots of FREETANGA from the show instead of the ‘millions’ she desired.  Of course suing three years after the fact is a little like Rick Sanchez thinking he’s ready for prime time and Eliot Spitzer being on prime time – EM- BARR-ASSING. 

And just as I was going to stage a one-woman protest rally in front of their studios, I thought if they take these shows off the air who will baby sit my kids (maybe Lou Dobbs illegal’s) or what will I do during sex to distract myself (I’ll ask Elliot on that one) if they go off the air???  Instead I turned the cable TV back on like millions of other Hispanic Americans avoiding the real bad news - the economy.