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The Ultimate Honor: Becoming ‘Queen of Hispanic Heritage’

The Ultimate Honor: Becoming ‘Queen of Hispanic Heritage’

Photo: Hispanic Heritage Queen

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As all of you Latinos are welcoming in Hispanic Heritage Month I think I have found the ultimate way to embody Latin-ness and connection to the culture – a title.  The British hand out titles for service to the empire, the Spanish give titles to those that helped rape and pillage The Americas and even the beleaguered Greeks hand out titles to anyone that will have it.

For those that have successfully evolved away from el rancho and are making more sophisticated lifestyle choices by no longer feeling Hispanic pride has anything to do with the freebies from Corporate America this maybe a viable option. 

ImagePersonally I will no longer be satisfied with a coupon for a Toluqueña 3-meat chorizo pizza with free jalapenos to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month!

So I am aspiring to become ‘Queen of Hispanic Heritage’ and implore others to join me on this valiant quest.

The ‘Queen of Hispanic Heritage’ or ‘Reina de la Herencia Hispana’ is given out by the International Association of Press, Radio & Television in Las Vegas no less.  Okay it’s not a title given out by a monarchy but rather from a bunch of pervy press guys, but I will take it.  I feel more Hispanic just thinking about it.

I am always trying to validate myself since I carry the burden of a blighted minority only known for the wrongs of her people.  Actually I made that all up – I just love winning stuff and titles and missed my opportunity to have a tiara as a toddler – the pinnacle of the American Dream according to TLC. 

Remember this year’s theme for Hispanic Heritage Month celebration is “Many Backgrounds, Many Histories… One American Spirit” and you or I could be the Queen of it all.

There are many other options of course for seeking cultural validation through a title.  For example there is the “Hispanic Heritage Scholarship Pageant” (personally I am a little long in the tooth for this and would have to lose 50 pounds this week).  Then there’s State Farm’s Hispanic Heritage Queen’s Coronation Ball but I would have to go to Sherman, Texas and I think Governor Perry seceded it from the union or will once he becomes el Presidente. 

ImageUnfortunately this year’s ‘Queen of Hispanic Heritage’ was already selected, the winner is Aracely Arambula, who is easy on the eyes and is not as physique challenged as I am.  She is also a telenovela star and Mexican actress.  I am not sure how a cheesy actress, who allegedly slept with Luis Miguel, can be the epitome of Hispanic Heritage.  So it’s time to start planning for next year otherwise we will just be left with our Hispanic Heritage discount coupon booklets to feel validated.

Regardless of the disappointment of not winning the title this year - I do enjoy the concerts, museum exhibits and thought provoking literature produced for Hispanic Heritage Month.

Every year thousands of organizations and businesses try to figure out how to best ‘recognize and celebrate’ Hispanics and their culture.  The wise give scholarships to Hispanic students and donations to social service agencies working predominantly with minority communities. 

And the truly wise honor all people year-round regardless of ethnicity with fair wages and opportunities to get ahead.