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The Benchmark Just Got Lower for Who Can Run for Elected Office, Impossible but True

The Benchmark Just Got Lower for Who Can Run for Elected Office, Impossible but True

Photo: Sheriff Joe Arpaio

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They said it couldn’t be done, but yes, the benchmark has just been lowered for who can run for office with ‘America’s toughest sheriff’ considering a run for Senate in Arizona.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who can’t find a camera he doesn’t like and a good male girdle, obviously assumes running prisons for pimps, prostitutes and illegal’s makes him eligible for the senate.  Yes I know we had a witch run last year but she was easier on the eyes and didn’t brandish a gun so gleefully.

Can a one trick pony Sheriff get elected?  We have a history of occasionally (when the Xanax use in the nation is on overload) electing the unlikely; no I am not referring to Rand Paul.  I’m talking people like Governor Schwarzenegger (former body builder and English language mangler) and then there is Senator Al Franken (former SNL comedienne), to name a few.

ImageArpaio’s problem amongst many others is that he points to all the country’s ills tied to one thing - illegal immigration, which though a very popular stance is not true.  He also believes that this problem has only one solution - deportation and that is also not true.

I think if the Republican’s really thought they could balance the budget, bring the income tax rate to 0% and make peace with the Tea Party by deporting illegal aliens they would ALL BE GONE PRONTO.  Actually if the Democrats thought they could unionize the world, spend unfettered and find a faster growing constituency that is not Latino by deporting illegals, they MIGHT ALL be gone but not as PRONTO. 

Many people in the U.S. (none of which are my amigos) like Arpaio’s hard-line anti-immigration stance, and mantra ‘Secure the Borders’ or we will.  It’s his approach to a real problem that is his problem:  he balances his prison budget by limiting foods to detainee and forms faux border security posses with Steven Segal (that alone should disqualify him from running for office) for example.

We need to give credit to Arpaio for consistent delusion (an absolute must for all elected officials) that he is changing the way America looks at immigration and America approves of his tactics that have been under investigation by human right groups and the Justice Department. 

He apparently sees his only deterrent from running is whether he is willing to leave his beloved job. With Arizona having a 30 percent Hispanic population and 5 percent Native American population (they don’t like him either) I can’t imagine he can win.  Then there is Gov. Jan Brewer and xenophobic State Senator Russell Pierce who got elected and my theory goes out the door.

Arpaio like many other Senatorial aspirants is “Trying to make a difference.”  What is most frightening is that there are certain reports claiming 21% of likely Republican voters said they would choose Apria as there next senator.  I think something is in the water over there in Arizona and no I don’t mean those swimming in the Rio Grande, I mean Xanax.