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The 1.65 Million Reasons SF Giants Ramon Ramirez Doesn’t Care Being Called an Illegal Alien

The 1.65 Million Reasons SF Giants Ramon Ramirez Doesn’t Care Being Called an Illegal Alien

Photo: Ramon Ramirez

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Everyone is asking why SF Giant Ramon Ramirez hasn’t been raising Major League Baseball’s (MLB) roof and demanding the firing of a radio anchor who either in the heat of the moment called him an illegal alien or overtly displayed his racism for all to see.

Ramirez’ sole reaction thus far has been to say

“I know who I am.  How would I be able to work here if I were an illegal?  He put it on the Internet?  I can’t believe that.”

That’s it Ramon, while others in MLB are calling Tony Bruno’s comments “reprehensible,” and a “fire able offense” that’s all we get from you.

We can safely assume Ramon Ramirez who is from the Dominican Republic, doesn’t consider the term a compliment.  Or that he is in fact one since to play in the MLB you need a P-1 Visa.  Por Que then? 

The circumstances in which the race labeling occurred were innocent enough for competitive sports.  In a Phillies vs. SF Giants bench clearing brawl, caused by Ramirez’ pitch hitting Shane Victorino; all hell broke loose on the field.  Bruno reporting for KNBR scolded Giant’s coach Bruce Bochy and called him a “coward for having his illegal alien pitcher hit a guy.”

Ramirez by now knows that Bruno has been involved in baseball broadcasting for over 4 decades so should of known better.  Maybe Ramirez knew that Bruno had a rough week basically getting fired from his time slot.  Maybe as Ramirez’ life prospect were on the incline he recognized that Bruno’s weren’t or maybe it was just that Bruno got tired of seeing so many brown faces on the field and weary of pronouncing all those Latino surnames.  You know another angry white guy that has to lame blame on his personal circumstances on those not born here.

Or maybe Ramirez and the other slew of Latino ball players have become immune to racist laden comments like those from Tiger’s Rod Allen noting the team’s Latino-heavy line up and snickering “I have to get some rice and beans for the post game spread” to Dallas radio personality Mike Bacsik remarking “Congrats to all the dirty Mexicans in San Antonio” to US soccer goalie Tim Howard  pissed about Spanish language broadcasts ranting “I think it was a [expletive] disgrace that the entire post match ceremony was in Spanish.”

It was none of that.  Ramirez has 1.65 million reasons not to care and to look the other way, knowing he already won the race baiting game through his professional success.  With his $1.65 Million salary, a fortune 100 times over in the Dominican Republic, he has beaten the odds and defied the stereotypes.  He like the other MLB players who have come from stifling poverty and successful immigrants who defied the odds and the millions of undocumented workers who risked life and limb to work here, know that succeeding matters most, no matter what anybody says while you’re striving for that success.  And that success can be as defined as making $10/hour to $1.65 Million especially when you come from a $1/hour world. 

Ramirez knows that he beat out a lot of aspiring ballplayers to make the team roster and making it was the result of his shear talent and tenacity.  He is well aware that he didn’t take that opportunity away from someone, but rather that someone lost that opportunity for himself. 

His success and every immigrants, illegal or otherwise, is the ultimate F**k you and there is no need to say anything to anyone that calls him and anyone else an illegal alien. 

Remember America’s pastime has “been berry berry good” to a lot of Latinos as has the American Dream.