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Rick Sanchez Maybe a Buffoon but He’s Our Buffoon

Talking out of his ass and at times acting like one.

I have been quietly taking in the storm around our poor beleaguered Rick Sanchez, former anchor for CNN, knowing full well he deserved a lot of the criticism.  That is until colleagues accused him of making the news “a joke” and having the news “came off as very silly.”  Wait a minute I know he’s a buffoon but he’s our buffoon. 

Most in the Hispanic community could tell he was not as polished or poised as other evening anchors, speaking from his heart or his ass depending on the subject matter.  The embarrassingly bright white teeth showing him to be a bit more Hollywood than Harvard or the way he interjected himself in every story even if it was about women’s hygiene issues.

Regardless he was our loveable buffoon with his “Ay Dios Mio” catch phrase and the cumbia music playing in the background.  He also happened to be the most visible Latin American anchor on prime time, where there is a visible lack of minorities. To CNN’s credit they give a Hispanic, gaffes and all, an opportunity that unfortunately is now squandered.

With all Rick Sanchez’ gaffes, now daily public fodder, Latinos quietly asked “Is this another affirmative action hire?”  Another “You see we really love Latinos, we even hired one to anchor the news.”  If we were quietly asking God knows what the alleged Jewish cabal ensconced at CNN was saying.  Maybe they hoped by showing the somber “Latino in America” special with the biracial Soledad O’Brien we wouldn’t notice the goofy one anchoring the news.  Nonetheless, he was one of us – a striver who made it and didn’t forget where he came from. 

ImageI was not surprised by his unprofessionalism on the radio interview because it had been a hallmark of his career.  Talking out of his ass and at times acting like one.  How he could take Comedy Central talent like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, for anything but comedy is pushing the limits even for Ricardo.  For God’s sake the word COMEDY is embedded in the network name.  Maybe he started taking these guys seriously because he saw Colbert testify before Congress?? 

What was surprising was his ‘bitter betty’ routine as an oppressed minority.  ¿Por Que?  In the Latino lottery he is considered a winner: Cuban, fair skinned, educated and gainfully employed.  Try putting a short, naco Mexican-American in his anchor spot – hasn’t happened and not likely to happen anytime soon, in spite of Mexican-Americans being the largest Latin minority.

Wait, do Cubans even count as minorities, let alone oppressed ones, most Mexican-Americans often ask? Probably not since they are considered the most assimilated and successful, and if you’re in Miami they will tell you as much.  Clearly it’s not something that Sanchez dared asked.  Showing a rare glimmer of insight he knew better to speak disparagingly of the Jews but not the true power cabal in the Hispanic community - Miami Cubans.

Ultimately, his bitter banter shows that he felt he deserved more than he was given and more than his talent warranted – What a Mistake.

Adios Querido Bufón.