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No Worries Pueblo, George Zimmerman’s Latino Credentials Have Been Officially Revoked

No Worries Pueblo, George Zimmerman’s Latino Credentials Have Been Officially Revoked

Photo: George Zimmerman is Latino

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There were many in the Latino community that wrote off George Zimmerman early on as an overzealous, dangerous version of Barney Fife but there were many others that stood by him for simply being Latino – even if it was only half Latino. 

Following the February 26th shooting of teen Trayvon Martin there was an outcry at what many perceived as ‘Latino silence’ over Zimmerman’s actions. 

Now it appears the man facing 2nd degree murder charges for the death of the black teen is losing Latino support and has even lost his Latino credentials. 

Zimmerman is Latino via his mother Gladys who is originally from Peru. 

Early on Rush Limbaugh chastised National Council of La Raza for not supporting Zimmerman, as a fellow Latino.  They’re retorted:  “The fact that George Zimmerman is Latino is irrelevant to his actions.”  “Unfortunately, being Hispanic does not mean that you aren’t capable of bigotry or discrimination, it does not condone or preclude him from having acted in a discriminatory manner.” 

Good-bye from the largest Hispanic civil rights organization in the U.S.  Image

Then there was the Congressional Hispanic Caucus that released an official statement urging the Department of Justice to look at the killing of Martin as a federal hate crime.

Even smaller Latino organization are getting in the Dump Zimmerman as one-of-our-own band wagon.  The “Latinos for Trayvon Martin” are “a coalition of Hostos professors, administrators, and students.”  Hostos Community College is located in NYC and is a “Latino institution born out of struggle of Latinos for education equality and against American racism.”

But now comes the ultimate Adios, apparently Zimmerman’s Hispanic credentials have been officially revoked by the “Latino Alliance of Chicanos, Hispanics, Andeans, Nuyoricans, Central and Latin Americans” (LACHANCLA).  This group pretty much has every Latino ethnicity and some covered.  According to the group this is the first time anyone’s Latino credential have been erased. 

Ouch, though I believe Mr. Zimmerman has more serious concerns like going to jail for a long time or being killed by vigilantes.

The group wants Zimmerman to admit to his wrong doing “By demonstrating he has no conscience, he cannot be considered a Latino,” says spokesperson Shawn Clota.

Yes, I know many of you didn’t know that there was an official creed making someone Latino, actually most Latinos aren’t aware of it either.

Zimmerman did get the ultimate vote of capitalist confidence with the recent trade marking of “I Believe You Zimmerman”.  The phrase was trademarked by San Francisco businessman Lawrence Sekara according to the Smoking Gun, who is not Latino.

Regardless of all the down with George Zimmerman, where the Latino voice has not been silent is calling for the review of gun laws and ‘Stand Your Ground’ self-defense legislation.  In America countless Latinos are injured and die by hand guns everyday.  African-Americans and Latinos have the second highest rate of gun homicide rates and gun assaults. 

Whether George Zimmerman is a Latino or not is irrelevant but guns are decidedly anti-Latino and their effectiveness in the community has long been revoked.