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Mitt Romney ‘Nosotros’ Spanish Ad - Bad Latino Vote Pandering Effort

Mitt Romney ‘Nosotros’ Spanish Ad - Bad Latino Vote Pandering Effort

Photo: Romney Launches Spanish Ad

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Mitt thank you for your ‘Nosotros’ (‘Us’) en Español ad.  I thank you for recognizing (finally) that some people in the U.S. speak something else beside English no matter that this is vote pandering before your campaign hits Latin flavored Miami.

Smart to have your son Craig narrate the ad so as not to get too close to the Spanish language and irritate the English-only voters. 

Not so smart to use Cuban politicians that are happy enough to support anyone that agrees to starve and isolate the island of Cuba by maintaining the embargo – last time I checked that was not a key election issue amongst the general electorate or Latinos for that matter.

The ad is clearly a nod to potential Spanish-speaking voters in Florida or better said the Cuban Republicans that don’t care as much about immigration and the DREAM Act.  Mitt FYI the majority of eligible Latino voters are of Mexican descent and they do care about immigration and the DREAM Act.

Maybe then you might of included your Mexican cousins in Juarez to narrate the ad.  No problem though that would not of been enough to overcome your “I’ll veto the DREAM Act if it comes across my desk” position.

No need to fret what might or might not come across your desk if you’re President.  According to pollsters a candidate needs 40% of the Latino vote to win the Presidency and that is something you won’t be getting.  In spite of Cuban Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart assuring us that you “believe in us.”  What us?

That “us” is not the majority of polled Latino voters that don’t find much to connect with in the Republican party not even when pandered to en Español. 

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