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Living High WITH the Hogs!

Excitement surged when I heard that the high-heeled and the well heeded where being sought out to share personal thoughts and insights for this premiere issue of Michigan Avenue.  I anxiously awaited my call.  Yes, the tiara of the high life was a bit tarnished and gathering dust out here in the North Shore but still faintly glittered with memories of fabled fete’s and fast travels.

At last the call came, “What you say, you want to hear about living high on the hog?” No! No! They said, “Living high WITH the hogs!”  I knew my marquee value was diminishing and that of my four-legged, divine swine on the upswing, but really!  Wasn’t their 15 minutes of fame up? 

Yes, thanks in great part to legal battles, City Hall show downs, Good Morning America interviews, photo book coverage and “pigarazzi” stalking them, Pinky, Chloe and Cooper were getting on the A-list.  This was the moment I realized I would soon be relegated to Kathy Griffith’s D-list for DONE and not be known for my fancy friends, fancy parties nor dancing with Bono in the French Riviera (oophs, that story is for another time) but rather by what my pigs where doing in Lake Forest.  My moniker was not to be:  business women, mother of two or divorcee, no it was Pig Person - could that be?  My How the Mighty Fall!

In all seriousness the pig woes have been just that and the attention unsettling and a mystery to all involved.  These animals have been a special part of our lives for decades and prefer living out their existence quietly and creating wonderful memories for our family and friends.  God does not tell us who and what we will connect to on this Earth but I have always had a great affinity for these creatures.

These special friends have been a part of my life for so long and have presided over their own share of fabled events and have greeted guests from all over the world.  Most, who meet them, are puzzled, perplexed and always amused at the irony of it all.  These animals are whom the children seek out when they return from school or camp.  They are whom I went to and wept silently with when my business of 20 years closed.  They have survived, numerous relocations, my marriage, my career and even this mess quiet elegantly.  Their manners remain intact while silently taking in life’s ups and downs.

Most recently they have shown my children human kindness up close and personal.  The lovely letters and gifts of support have been incredible – there have been calls from Japan, fruits sent from Poland and even an offer to participate in a reality show (not going to happen).  If in anyway they can symbolize what animals lovers can and should do for their animals then woes be gone, it was worth it. 

I am slowly accepting living not so high on the hog but will be greatly saddened when I won’t be living WITH the hogs.  As more people become familiar with their story, I hope they have provided children with chuckles, adults with amusement, animal lovers with inspiration and just plain old humor for anyone’s dark days.  When Michigan Avenue made the call they knew that sophistication and elegance comes in all different shapes and sizes. 

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