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Washington Handing Out Checks for Past Discrimination and Tax Cuts for Others - Latinos Getting NADA

Rumor had it that someone was handing out cold hard cash last week for suffering past grievances having to do with discrimination at the hands of the government.

I was sure, I wasn’t confusing the rumored cash hand out with the Republican endorsed Bush-era tax cuts. The Republicans never hand out cash; they just make sure you never part with yours so that it can benefit others.  I mean this was CASH, a HANDOUT the stuff the Democrats are legendary for. 

Basically someone was giving out checks for past suffering at the same time tax cuts were being given for future enjoyment all while the government is broke TODAY.  This is a capitalist democracy so it makes sense, I think?  But this Latina doesn’t care the how and why of freebies as long as we are getting our share – but we aren’t.

The Senate and House in an unusual bipartisan manner along with the White House agreed to pay some $4.6 billion for “historic wrongs” to American Indians and Black farmers that were “discriminated” “unfairly denied loans” and “mistreated” by the Department of Agriculture (USDA).  Who wouldn’t want to become an American, when you get $$$ for getting F***ked over, everywhere else in the world you just get F***ked over.  Nonetheless it warms my heart to see both parties can work together when it comes to erasing guilt, I mean come together to do the right thing. 

Some of the claims paid go back to 1887 for the American Indians and decades back for the Black farmers claims.  Good things come to those that wait I say.  Case in point, the richest American’s had to wait a staggering 22 months to get their interests protected by a Republican majority and to have their past grievances corrected which largely entailed having a left-of-center Democratic President ‘held hostage’.  Once again I ask what is in it for us?

ImageIt turns out there are discrimination claims from Latino farmers for the same ill treatment from the USDA and the Obama government offered $1.3 billion to settle back in May (maybe he thought this would suffice for bypassing immigration reform?) and the pueblo said no, it wasn’t enough. WHAT.

Amigo’s SMART IS THE NEW RICH.  You should have taken the money and run.  This is not the time to think one deserves more when hate payments only come around very hundred years or so.  You know Hispanic’s are getting nothing handed to them when elected officials comfortably refer to elements of the Hispanic community as ‘defacto Americans’ and consider additional weeks of unemployment benefits a handout.

You know damn well when the Republican’s take over next January the only apology anyone will be getting is for John Boehner staining the Congressional linens with his tears and tanning oil.  And the only cash hand out will be more income tax breaks, which is great when you have income to speak of, but with a 15% unemployment rate amongst Hispanics the income appears to be what is needed to enjoy this goody.  Of course there is always a lower estate tax to be thankful for, darn, it I think you need an “estate’ and I don’t think inheriting mamita’s Virgen de Guadalupe candle collection counts.

For the rest of the pueblo that feels aggrieved you can certainly start making your list and checking it twice as Santa says.  Personally I have my list: there’s my grievance against the DMV for laughing audibly when I told them I really did loss 60 pounds since my last driver’s test, a complaint against the IRS for not allowing my mamita’s house to be considered a house of worship and a possible racial profiling suit against the TSA for only doing thorough pat downs on size 6’s or smaller. 

I don’t know what the possibility of collecting on my past grievance list is but I can always DREAM, oh wait I just remembered the DREAM Act is another soon-to-die missed opportunity for another segment of the Latino community.  What’s left?  And don’t tell me to wait for the next election.