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Is Herman Cain Electrifying Latino Voters or Trying to Electrocute Their Cousins Across the Border?

Is Herman Cain Electrifying Latino Voters or Trying to Electrocute Their Cousins Across the Border?

Photo: Cain and His Electrified Border Fence

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Let me start by saying I LOVE Herman Cain, he takes me back to the days when there were carnival barkers and this one has a foreign accent to boot.  Well actually a Georgia accent which is the same thing to a Midwestern. 

He’s entertaining.  He does not have a charisma gap like some of the other Republican Presidential candidates.  He has catchy phrases and is a multi-tasker - hawking a book, gospel tapes and God knows what else while trying to be the next leader of the free but heavily-indebted world. 

Latinos especially love when he speaks of the country of Chile and calls it ‘Chill-lay’.  Latinos will be thrilled that their President can refer to Chile and chili hot sauce with the drop of the catch phrase ‘chill-lay’.  Actually most Latino’s thought he was trying to get their vote with a 9-9-9 pizza discount special not realizing he was telling them about his heavily dissed economic plan.

Cain until this weekend wasn’t electrifying the Hispanic voting block and was virtually overlooked that is until they heard he wanted to ‘electrocute’ their cousins across the border. 

Claiming always to have a solution for each of America’s ills he was ready to offer his on immigration.  And if the Latino electorate wasn’t listening to Cain before they are now. 

ImageThis weekend in various campaign stops in Tennessee he espoused the killer Cain version of a border fence: not only long and tall (20 feet actually) but full of high voltage to kill.  Don’t think him completely inhumane he promised to post a warning sign that will read “It Will Kill You.”  Not sure if that sign is going to be in Spanish since he is also espousing a strong English-only stance for the country. 

Interesting concept and efficient for a mad man, an Idi Amin or a demagogue, but for a U.S. President?  For added effect if someone didn’t die by electrocution there is the ‘baa’ wire and troops with “real guns and real bullets,”  Cain also proposed.  At least no one can accuse him of not being thorough.

You really have to listen to Cain or you might actually think what he says makes sense and forget he’s a carnival barker.  After leaving the cozy confines of Tennessee and his southern peeps he had to face the rest of the world and Hispanic Republicans, so conveniently he clarified his electrocution stance and said it was all a JOKE.

I wasn’t laughing were you?  Check out the video where Cain is reassuring everyone that his killing stance is not insensitive - he looks pretty serious to me - no mention that he’s joking. 

I had been laughing most of the time at him and the Republican Party for legitimizing his candidacy when they made him their leading candidate of the moment, but not now.

Cain when criticized once again for his Kim-John-il approach to immigration told us Americans we “needed to get a sense of humor.”  And then I got it he’s still the carnival barker and the joke is on Cain believing he is qualified and prepared to be President. 

Now I am electrified with attention on how this will play out in the Republican primary and hope this puts a fire (figuratively speaking) under every single Latino voter to get out and vote for a real problem solver.

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