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Is ‘Go Back to Mexico’ the Chant of 2012?

Is ‘Go Back to Mexico’ the Chant of 2012?

Photo: Go Back to Mexico

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What is going on with this ‘Go Back to Mexico’ chanting.  No this isn’t coming from Mexico trying to lure tourists back with a ‘Go Back to Mexico’ shout out.  This isn’t coming from some corner in Arizona, North Carolina or Georgia where day laborers regularly endure ‘Go Back to Mexico’ taunts.

No these ‘Go Back to Mexico’ chants are being heard in some rather lofty environs that include the classroom that many consider the cradle of our civilization to sport arenas which others consider the cradle of male civilization. 

Take for instances two-time ‘Teacher of the Year’, Shirley Bunn.  She lost her cool with one of her eighth-grade students and instead of politely yelling “Shut Up” or silently glare the student to death as the nuns at my Catholic prep school did, she yelled ‘Go Back to Mexico’. 

No need to ask if the student was Irish or Croatian, he was Latino. I don’t think the teacher was wishing her student a great Spring Break trip to Mexico either.  It was basically one of those, go back to where I think you look like you come from.  No confirmation if the student even knows where Mexico is or if he’s even Mexican or simply looks Mexican.

Then we have the American born mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa who endures a lot of political taunts, rarely ethnic ones.  Last week however, on the steps of the state capital one of his constituents shouted ‘Go Back to Mexico’.  The constituent told a reporter he doesn’t like the Mayor’s love of ‘illegals’ and ‘Mexico’, so he wants him out of here and back to the motherland.  The problem is Villaroigosa’s motherland is the old U.S.A.

Incidentally, not that facts ever have anything to do with this - Villaraigosa has never even lived in Mexico. 

ImageKeeping with the ‘You Don’t Belong Here’ theme there were two incidents at sporting events that recently occurred. 

Kansas State basketball player, Angel Rodriguez, recently endured taunts from the opposing teams band members of “Where’s your green card?” during a televised NCAA game.  This taunt indicated that Rodriguez was not in the country legally and did not possess the proper identification.  Incidentally, Rodriquez hails from Puerto Rico one of our territories, therefore no need for a green card.

No one ever said racists were smart. 

Finally there was an incident in a championship high school basketball game played out in Texas.  Here a predominantly white team, the Alamo Heights won against Edison High School of San Antonio, a predominantly Latino team.

They choose to celebrate with a “USA” “USA” chant.  Did Alamo just want to celebrate their country pride with this chant or imply they were American and the other team was not?  The San Antonio team did not take the chant as civic pride but as a question to their ethnicity and filed a compliant.

Certain players from Alamo Heights apologized and were punished with game suspension to a championship game.  I don’t know if this was an over reaction by either team but it is definitely unfortunate for both.

Maybe if we didn’t have the ‘Go Back to Mexico’ chant from the adults and a call for self-deportation from the current slate of Republican Presidential candidates, when someone chants “USA” “USA” everyone within listening shot will think it applied to them rather than excluded them.


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