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“I’ll Do Anything Short of Shooting Them” Says AL Republican About Illegal Aliens

Can you feel the love?  The progressive thinking (depending on your side of the political aisle) of Republican Mo Brooks from Alabama was in full display when asked about the issue of illegal immigration.

Mo didn’t waste any time on proposing any comprehensive reform but rather proudly touted he would do “anything short of shooting” illegal aliens to rid the country of them.  Why the restraint I ask. ¿Por Que? Let’s hang ‘em, segregate them – wait that’s the old south not the new one, RIGHT? 

The good ole boy from the south justified his position by stating “They have no right to be here.”  “They’re clogging up our emergency rooms.”  “They’re making our education system more expensive.”  Pause for the facts??  Research?? Studies?? Silencio.

Obviously he needs to add starting wild fires as another illegal alien ill, as Republican Senator John McCain alleges.  And damn it I blame them for my fat a** for all that grease they put in my fast food.  Oh – wait these damn illegal’s don’t work, they are here to get freebies and feel the Mo love.

To our fellow Hispanic voters in the 5th district keep Mo’s madness in mind when you vote in 2012.  You decide whether to boot him out or embrace him just watch your back it just might have a crosshair on it.  Image

If Mo is light on facts he might be light on common sense and confuse all Hispanics as ‘illegal’ – I’m just saying.  Clearly Alabama’s harsh new anti-immigrant laws aren’t enough for Mo. 

The law mandates among other things that students prove their citizenship in order to be educated in the state.  Clearly getting some smarts and watching what you say aren’t a priority for Mo, and maybe not even for Alabama.