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¡Hola!  Presidente Obama, Its Raul Castro Can We Talk?

¡Hola!  Presidente Obama, Its Raul Castro Can We Talk?

Photo: Raul Castro Ready to Talk to U.S.

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What is 81-year-old Raul Castro, President of Cuba, up to?  He has publicly announced to his people that he is ready and willing to talk to the U.S. saying “If they want to talk, we will talk.”

Apparently he thinks election season is a good time to mend fences with his country’s 50-year-foe and enact policy change.

You would think that after witnessing countless U.S. elections, Raul would know that no one really talks during election season, let alone tackle true change. 

I know the concept of elections and campaigning are foreign to Raul and his predecessor brother, Fidel, so we need to inform him that no one will stir the Cuban embargo debate that rests inside the battleground state of Florida with its Cuban exile community.

When Castro made these impromptu remarks last week he assured his citizens that no subject was off limits with the U.S, not even democracy and freedom of the press.  Thank God Castro isn’t up for re-election, dictators rarely are, lest anyone remind him this could be a short conversation with no obvious democracy or freedom of the press on this island nation to be found.

Raul did not specify whom exactly inside the “Imperialist” nation he would speak to about mending those broken fences.  So let us speculate. 

There is Florida’s Senator Marco Rubio, son of Cuban immigrants and member of the Committee on Foreign Relations.  I don’t think he’ll answer Raul.  He blames you and your brother for making his parents ‘exilees’.  Yes, I know Raul they left BEFORE the revolution but I told you this is election season and people say the darnest things. 

However, you and Rubio can talk about the definition of socialism.  Senator Rubio was one of the first politicos to call Obama a socialist, therefore a pioneer of sorts.

Since Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney is on a foreign fact-finding trip, he might engage in a conversation with you.  Actually after his latest penny-loafer-in-mouth fiascos in the U.K. and Israel he better not answer the phone.  He might just end up ending the 50-year-old embargo to the dismay of the conservative Cuban voting bloc he is aggressively courting.

Then there is the man you really want to talk to: Presidente Obama better known to you as “the best snake charmer that has ever existed.”  And depending on which Obama answers the phone we don’t know what you might hear. 

There is Obama the politician who, though advocating travel to Cuba, doesn’t want to admit we have a gun problem let alone a Cuba problem.  However, if Obama of 2008 answers, as the defender of human rights and all things democratic he would probably remind you of the political prisoners that have rotted in Cuban jails without due process. Oh and then there’s that pesky mess with Alan Gross the jailed U.S. contractor.

I think Raul you are taking a page out of our political operative handbook:  divert attention from real issues people want to hear about with outrageous statements and elusive enemies.  Maybe you watched ‘Wag the Dog’’ on Netflix, oophs forgot the Internet is practically non-existent in Cuba.

Raul, I don’t think the Cuban people, that is those that aren’t building wooden yolas to leave, want to hear you talk to Obama or anyone else in the U.S.  They want to hear when they can eat without rations, have running water and enjoy their God-given freedoms.