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Glenn Beck Says ‘Adios’ and Heads to Ol’ Mexico, I Mean Texas

Glenn Beck Says ‘Adios’ and Heads to Ol’ Mexico, I Mean Texas

Photo: Glenn Beck Says 'Adios' and Heads to Ol' Mexico, I Mean Texas

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In case you slept through the audible sigh of relief from the political left and the gushing tears from the ultra right - Glenn Beck’s Fox Network show is NO MAS as of this Thursday.

Fear not for the intellectually limited amigos who crave this ultimate carnival barker and El Rey of the monologue.  They will have Beck University, a clothing line, books and a paid internet streaming show on GBTV??? Not sure if this is the conservative version of the OWN network - doesn’t matter I suppose no one is expected to watch either.

Nonetheless, cry not, Beck assured us on his last show that “he’s leaving with his soul” and moving it to Texas, or as it is also known: Ol’ Mexico.

ADIOS.  Adios.  ADIOS.ImageYes, I know - we in the Hispanic community didn’t know he had a soul, most race-baiters don’t.  The fact that he’s moving to Texas might be yet another reason to ask Mexico to take it back.  I know we tried when Dubya established the ‘southern White House’ there and most recently when the state began seriously considering allowing guns on college campuses - yet I think it’s time to ask again.  Maybe if we promise Mexico to keep our guns in the U.S. they might give this serious thought.  Beck no doubt will fit right in Texas with his love of Gold, Guns and God.

The adios from Fox was labeled simply a ‘transition’ by Beck which is the business English translation for financial liability, ratings decliner and irrelevancy.  Or could it be that Fox is having its own ‘restoring honor’ moment much like Beck’s fanatical rally in Washington D.C.  Not sure.

Many in the Latino community have been unfazed by the bombastic rhetoric, seeing Beck as just another hate monger in a long line of many.  He came off more loco than anything else and disrespectful often.  He referred to Justice Sonya Sotomayor as the “Hispanic chick lady” whose only qualification to serve on the Supreme Court was her empathy.  Then there was the time he told Mexico’s President Calderon “cierra la boca” when he criticized U.S. policy.  One of my personal faves was when speaking of Obamacare, Beck said: “Jesus Martinez might favor [the] health bill but not Jesus from Nazareth.”

He did throw the Puerto Rican community under bus sometime back when he issued a ‘dire warning’ that if Puerto Rico became a state this would ‘fundamentally transform’ America and not in a good way.  He even warned of ‘illegal aliens’ now getting to vote, forgetting Puerto Rico is a territory therefore Puerto Rican’s aren’t immigrants let alone illegal - but with loquitos facts are dispensable.

ImageHe never seemed to elicit the negative community reaction Lou Dobbs and Bill O’Reilly ever did.  Beck, unlike many of the extreme white-right and to his credit, publicly has supported legal immigration, only of course to promote fear of immigrants once they get here. 

¿Por Que? Why the free pass?

Let’s remember he has something in common with our heritage that will forever bind us and that is GOLD.  Just like the Aztecs who paved the streets with gold and the gang bangers with their gold chains, Beck likes him some ORO.  We will truly miss getting an inside gold trading tip by Beck’s Goldline International all while getting hysteria history lessons, waiting for the world to end and crying from the chalk dust as it settles in all of our eyes.