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Gingrich Wants UPS and FedEx to Find the “Illegal Immigrants” in the Country

Gingrich Wants UPS and FedEx to Find the “Illegal Immigrants” in the Country

Photo: Newt Gingrich on Illegal Immigration

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They say desperate man do desperate things but they also say desperate things. 

For the one or two people that are currently following the Presidential candidacy of Newt “I can still win” Gingrich, he is currently spouting off about immigration while in Illinois, where he is visiting ahead of the Tuesday primary.

Newt spoke to a ‘hundred’ people according to the Des Plaines Patch and instead of focusing on how: he has a failed candidacy, how everyone in his own party hates him and why his wife’s hair does not move even in the Windy City, he throws out of those way-out-of-left field ideas. 

No it wasn’t about a moon colony.

He wants us to mail a package to “every person who’s here illegally” so he can pull up in the delivery truck and “we would pull them up and we would know exactly where it was because it would be in UPS and FedEx.”  Good news here is we now know what Newt will be doing when he finally leaves the campaign and lives the life of a political pariah – UPS driver.

ImageI am trying to get the visual out of my head of him in those cute brown shorts.  And you know damn well he will be one of those throwing packages over the gate instead of ringing the buzzer.

He made his comments when he was chiding the Obama administration for not finding “11 million illegal immigrants even if they’re sitting still.”  Well Newt, they aren’t actually sitting still I think they are working or according to you milking the system – but no sir they aren’t just sitting around.

Gingrich told his admirers (maybe we can just say these are people that were bored with living and instead came out to the Stephens Convention Center on a Wednesday afternoon instead of watching more Ice and Coco reruns) how FedEx and UPS easily tracks 24 million packages and inferred those same tracking tactics could be used to find the 11 million missing human packages called the undocumented.

He first floated this idea according to CNN back in February when he jested “That’s the world that works. Now here’s the world that fails: The federal government today cannot find 11 million illegal immigrants, even if they’re sitting still. Now, I have a simple proposal: We send a package to everyone who’s here illegally, and when it’s delivered, we pull it up on a computer, we know where they are.”

He maybe be a whiz at policy banter but he doesn’t know when to exit stage left and to realize when he has became insignificant like his ideas.