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Get Ready for the Alarmists: Illegal Immigrant Found Working at Nuke Plant

Yes, I know he was illegal, yes I know it was a nuclear power plant but lets get the facts and that doesn’t mean tuning in to the Fox network.

Alarmist reports are coming out more so because the incident happened in Arizona and Sheriff Joe Arpaio was called to make the arrest.  Poor Cruz Loya Alvares, this was not his lucky day when his ID was found to be expired as he entered the nuke facility for a day of work. 

Ever the alarmist Arpaio announced yesterday: “We have arrested an illegal alien who has penetrated and gone into the Palo Verde nuclear plant.”

And you know if Alabama doesn’t want illegal’s picking their okra and Georgia doesn’t want them handling their Vidalia onions you know damn well Arizona doesn’t want an illegal alien near their nukes. 

The fact that Cruz has been in the U.S. (albeit illegally) for the past 15 years and much of that time without incident will be forgotten.  It will also be forgotten that authorities at the Palo Verde Nuclear Plant have stated “the safety of the plant and public were never in jeopardy.”  It doesn’t even appear that Alavares worked full-time at the plant but rather was working with a contractor for the day.  What will be remembered is that he is undocumented, illegal and therefore a danger.

Arpaio who never found a camera he didn’t like and an illegal he didn’t hate couldn’t dream of a better arrest.  To fan the flames of xenophobia that only Arizona and Arpaio can do as well he raises the question:  “How safe is Palo Verde really if an illegal alien can gain access to this nation’s largest nuclear power facility?”

Joe - he was working there and in a low-level position and was never allowed into the plant itself or any secure areas according to officials. 

What was he going to do throw the hedge clippers at the reactors?  Or worse take the grass trimmings and mix it in with the plutonium.  Let’s remember that when nuclear secrets have been spilled the majority of the time it was at the hands of American citizens and the last major nuclear incident was an act of God in Japan.

I am not undermining the necessity for top safety at any nuclear facility but let’s just not sound the alarm bells and assume that illegal immigrants are plotting to get inside America’s nuclear power plants for nefarious reasons. 

Thank God we have a law abiding, level-headed man like Joe on the job thanks to the voters of Maricopa County to assure us:

“How safe is Palo Verde really if an illegal alien can gain access to this nation’s largest nuclear power facility?” “This suggests to me that sadly, like our nation’s borders, our most critical public utilities/installations are perhaps not nearly as safely guarded as they need to be.”