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Geraldo Rivera: TSA Raped Me

Geraldo Rivera: TSA Raped Me

Photo: Another Geraldo Rivera Gaffe

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Just when you thought Fox’s Geraldo Rivera was done shocking us (remember the hoodie comment) he flings another zinger.  He bares his soul to tell us that he was ‘raped’ by a TSA agent that apparently “seemed to enjoy it.” 

So instead of feeling dirty about the whole thing, he goes on ‘Fox & Friends’ to share the details.  Apparently Rivera was traveling to Afghanistan when the ‘manual rape’ incident occurred.  In speaking to the show’s hosts Gretchen Carlson and Steve Doocy, Rivera recounted:

“…And the more and the tighter I got and the angrier I got.” “You know, he just wanted to be a little more intimate.”

What in heavens name was getting tighter?  I can’t imagine the turn on was the vintage ‘70s moustache or the 68-year-old physique.  All you needed to do was mention ‘The Mystery of Al Capone Vaults’ and it would have been an instant turn off, Geraldo.
Wasn’t it just last month that Rivera blamed shooting victim Trayvon Martin’s death on the hoodie he was wearing.  “I am urging the parents of black and Latino youngsters particularly not to let their children go out wearing hoodies. I think the hoodie is as much responsible for Trayvon Martin‘s death as much as George Zimmerman was.” 

The Puerto Rican journalist keeps wanting us to forget that in many ways he was a pioneer in broadcasting for Latinos, that he won a Peabody for investigative journalism and proudly promotes his culture, when he isn’t profiling them as hoodie-wearers.  Just this week he put one in the win column when he urged other journalists to stop using the phrase ‘illegal aliens’ which is highly offensive. 

He just couldn’t leave it there and gets another brain fart and talks about being ‘raped’,  which is also highly offensive to real victims of sexual assault.

There are few Latinos reporting the news and even less with their own talk show like Rivera’s ‘Gerald at Large’ for the Fox Network, so I try not to bash the few that are out there even those talking out of their ass and about their asses but enough.

I think Rivera’s boss, Rupert Murdoch should be jailed not just for the phone hacking debacle but for allowing Rivera to continuously embarrass himself and get paid for it, even if it helps ratings.