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From Saving Nancy Reagan to Getting Out the Latino Republican Vote - Is Rubio the Next Superman?

From Saving Nancy Reagan to Getting Out the Latino Republican Vote - Is Rubio the Next Superman?

Photo: Senator Mario Rubio, or is it his Secret Identity?

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Can the junior senator from Florida really be the next Superman and I don’t mean the fictional character, I mean the real deal.  From the moment he stepped onto the national political stoplight he has been touted not only as the Latino face of the Republican Party, he is being touted as a potential Vice Presidential candidate for 2012. And now yesterday he goes and saves the beloved Nancy Reagan from a nasty tumble at the Reagan Presidential Library.Image

This adoration for a man that has been in the Senate less then a year; maybe Republicans think Rubio can pull off an Obama-like Latino voter movement as a VP candidate.  He can’t he needs 40% plus of the Latino vote and Rubio will not be able to produce that for the Republican Presidential candidate.  It probably has something to do with his Tea Party roots and most Latino’s not only don’t like to drink tea they don’t like it in their politics.

Superman Rubio was at the Reagan Library to give his first major speech outside the Florida legislature and U.S. Senate.  The invitation came from none other than the beloved Nancy who clearly has also caught the Rubio fever.  When you are Superman it’s easy to think you can erase the Latino electorates memory of your Tea Party roots and not prove yourself legislative (oh wait that is Obama-like).  The Republican Party will have to count on Superman like-powers to promote a Latino to Latinos with decidedly anti-Latino policy stances. 

Rubio has come out against the DREAM Act and immigration reform for starters, issues which the majority of polled Latino voters are in favor of.  For other Latino voters his slash and burn approach to deficit cutting inclusive of Social Security and Medicare also doesn’t sit well.

Republicans probably hope that with their promotion of English-only ballots and Voter ID laws the Latino voter either won’t show up or if they do they won’t be able to read the ballot and therefore vote for the guy whose last names looks like theirs.  Or maybe since Rubio is the son of Cuban immigrants, benefitting from a unique form of immigration amnesty still in place some 40 years later, other eligible immigrant voters will vote for him.  They won’t the majority of Latino voters and naturalized Latino voters are Mexican-Americans and they know what a politico who is the anti-immigrant son of immigrant’s looks like – somebody else’s Superman.

But for now lets give Superman his day and let the Tea Party blog sites keep running the tape of Rubio catching Nancy as she falls and touting him as the next coming of Christ.  What’s next for Rubio to fly at the speed of lighting, saving Gotham City or eliminating Dr. Evil? 

Or maybe he can find 4million new jobs, balance the budget and figure out what to do with the estimated 11 million undocumented aliens living in the country – oh wait those are real problems that need more than Superman powers but the hard work of bipartisan legislation and connectivity to the voter base people claim you represent.