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DREAM Act Brings “Hispanic Haters” Out of Hiding

There is so much negative vibe on the Dream Act that at a certain point you have to shut it off – well that is until the haters started attacking my beloved McDonald’s.  I know what you are thinking you really have to be a Helluva Hispanic Hater to tie the Golden Arches to the DREAM Act. 

Yes they are clogging our artery’s and short changing on the number of fries, but now they stand accused of promoting the Dream Act because they offer scholarships to Latinos.  What is going on in this country when promoting obesity isn’t enough of a crime?   

I am a big promoter of hating in spurts, it’s like an enema, it’s cleansing and refreshing.  Then you leave it and move on.  But the Dream Act, which I personally support, is being blamed for so many ills and, for some, has uncovered an ugly, unofficial truth – some people don’t like Hispanic’s whether they are legal, illegal, educated or ignorant. 

The polite people keep those thoughts to themselves, writer Kimberly Dvorak likes to share them with everyone in her San Diego Examiner column.

Dvorak recently sounded the ‘Not-in-My-Country’ warning bell when a local McDonald’s was handing out fliers promoting college scholarships they sponsor for Latinos.  I’m not sure what the problem here is - they weren’t handing out condoms, and at the last McDonald’s I was at, someone was picking their nose and playing with themselves, and not in that order.  You don’t see me complaining.

Clearly Kimmie is not an analytical thinker or student of facts.  She stated in her column that a Latino student must be a legal resident to get the McDonald’s scholarship and yet concluded her piece by inquiring “Moving forward it is unclear if the DREAM Act legislation would interfere with the Golden Arches scholarship program.” 

This is the same brainiac that reported a Mexican drug cartel had entered U.S. sovereign soil and seized U.S. assets in the form of Texas ranches.  She wrote “[this act is] deemed as an act of war against…U.S.”  I know about the war in Afghanistan but don’t know if we have another one going on, and since WikiLeaks hasn’t told us about it, she must be full of shit.

Meanwhile, I thought I would help her get some facts straight – not all Hispanic people are undocumented.  Not all Hispanics who are students benefit from the Dream Act.  Undocumented students do not qualify for the McDonald’s scholarships or most other types of scholarships; many go to school on their own nickel.

Sweetheart, there are more than 1.7 million Hispanic/Latinos enrolled in four-year colleges and millions more in other college type programs - only a portion of those would benefit from the DREAM Act.  Last year 3.7 million Hispanics were holding a bachelor’s degree without the Dream Act and thanks to good corporate citizens like McDonald’s.

That is why I wholeheartedly support the DREAM Act:  anyone that is willing to get an education in dire situations, or sign up to get shot at by enlisting just to get a degree while surrounded by haters will succeed anywhere.  Most importantly they will help reduce the high rate of ignoramus-ness in the country.