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Does Ann Romney Work?  A Latina Perspective

Does Ann Romney Work?  A Latina Perspective

Photo: Anne Romney Hard Working

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The comments by Hilary Rosen that “[Ann Romney] actually has never worked a day in her life,” has brought forth some interesting conversations amongst Latinas and their view of motherhood as duty, privilege, and self-sacrifice.  It is not often that you will hear a Latina stay-at-home mom, if you can find one, say “I work at home raising my kids.” 

Due to a cultural propensity for family life, Latinas see mothering whether it’s done at home or from the office phone as the most important thing they will ever do but don’t tend to confuse this labor of love with having a paying job. 

A mom in the Hispanic community is a god, but a working mom is a Goddess.

There are approximately 8.5 million working Latinas that make up over 12 percent of all women in the workforce and given the economic landscape of most Hispanic households are there because of need.  Yes, there are Latina moms that stay home and most tend to be grateful for that choice because statistically working Latinas are among the most vulnerable workers when it comes to abuse and harassment. 

Also Latina women make sixty cents for every dollar their white male counterparts make for the same job.  In 2010 Latinas reported over 46,000 cases of job-related injuries, requiring a median of 7 days off of work.  Therefore a stay-at-home Latina mom would never insult a working Latina mom by insinuating they had the same type of work and challenges.Image

All of us desire a paycheck paid in hugs, kisses, well-schooled and emotionally stable children but must settle for one based on performance reviews, deadlines, and time clocks with hugs and kisses on the side, and well-adjusted kids the bonus.

My personal reaction is that the poorly worded comments by Rosen would of been more accurate if they read “Ann Romney actually has never had a paying job in her life but works at home,” or “To Ann Romney’s credit she continues to work at home decades after her youngest, a 31-year-old son, left home.”  I don’t know if the Republicans would find those statements closer to the truth and therefore less offensive but working Latinas would of appreciated the candor. 

Don’t get me wrong I don’t begrudge Ann Romney her choice to stay home my comments are not based on politics but one thing and one thing alone – GREEN EYED ENVY.  Yes I said it, “I envy Anne.”

There’s the handsome husband who is a great provider that afforded her the choice to stay home.  He’s easy on the eyes and still has all his hair, another plus for Anne.  She has traveled the world thanks to his talents and not on some sales incentive program she earned where the highlight is a roast beef buffet.  Ann I am sure has had to balance a home budget but not a corporate budget that requires you fire underlings, to meet year-end projections, as by they cry in your office and show you the picture of the kids.

Most importantly, I envy Ann for having such a supportive and ego-building spouse.  Mitt Romney has made Ann believe and wants us to believe that her work at home qualifies her to be his chief economic advisor for women.

Therefore my response to Ann Romney’s retort to Rosen via Tweeter (“I made a choice to stay home and raise five boys. Believe me, it was hard work,”) is the same I have for other stay-at-home moms on any given day I haven’t had my happy pill:

Get out of my way when I am pulling out of the drive-way at 55 mph for a meeting when you are going for your morning walk with the dog.  Get out of the way at the grocery store when I am rushing to buy tonight’s ready-made dinner and you are buying fresh strawberries for home made dessert. Get out of my way in the school pick up line when you cut me off because you don’t know who I am since I haven’t been there all year.

But most importantly get out of the way when there is discussion on key financial women’s issues which now a day center around staying or getting employed and I don’t mean at home.