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Can the Oppression of White Republicans Be Cured with a ‘Racist’ Bake Sale? (VIDEO)

Can the Oppression of White Republicans Be Cured with a ‘Racist’ Bake Sale? (VIDEO)

Photo: Scary Cupcakes

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Well the now infamous ‘Increase Diversity Bake Sale’ at UC Berkeley has just concluded and I hope that the college Republican sponsors got their arteries clogged with some crappy sweets.  And in case you don’t know what I am talking about then you haven’t heard about the latest effort by budding Republicans to cure all that is wrong with their world with a “racist bake sale” or “conservative bake sale” depending on your point of view.

The College Republican organization at UC Berkeley, home to the next Eric Cantor & Mitch McConnell I am sure, claim they are sending a message to Governor Jerry Brown about their opposition to California State Bill 185 which they view as discriminatory and oppressive to whites.  Yes, it’s good to know that the negative rhetoric and sophomoric antics of the Republicans start at a young age and helps explains why is it is so entrenched by middle-age.

Bill 185 if signed by Governor Brown, who has until October 9 to sign, will allow state universities to consider (not mandate) gender, race, ethnicity and socio-economics but not give admission preference based on them.  Notice I said consider not mandate, so what would well-educated, confident, academically solid students have to fear? 

Is it the fear that your spot can be taken by someone not as qualified as you?  But are they really not as qualified as you?  Don’t these minorities have to maintain the same GPA everyone else does to stay in school once accepted?  A competitive, diverse academic environment regardless of how it was created does not oppress but rather encourages the free flow of ideas and ideals so say the great thinkers that aren’t Republican.

The ‘racist bake sale’ sold goodies in a sliding scale with different prices for different races: 
$2 for white men, $1.50 for Asian men, $1 for Latino/Hispanic men, $.75 for black men and Native American men pay $.25 Native American women eat free and women got a 25% discount. 

I suppose the Latinos are paying the $1 instead of the .75 cents since their enrollment numbers are growing in California universities and the state has the largest number of Hispanic college enrollees then anywhere else in the U.S. and by God we wouldn’t want that trend to continue. 

This stunt, which was also tried back in 2003, is unusual for this historically liberal university but maybe that is what is oppressing these budding young republicans they are out numbered.  And just look at what happens when angry republicans age and are outnumbered; you no longer get a bake sale but a Tea Party.Image

Shaun Lewis, President of UC Berkeley College Republicans, should be ashamed of many things especially this sissy approach to protesting.  They apparently don’t want to get their hands dirty with picket signs or get arrested for civil unrest.  They should take a look at what ‘Occupy Wall Street’ is doing and take a lesson from their play book so they can garner some real respect for their position.  I don’t know how an event that just garners publicity and not dialogue can encourage critical thinking which Lewis said was his ultimate goal.

We know everyone needs to succeed or fail based on their own merits and that is why the grading standards have to be met in order to stay at UC Berkeley.  So if in fact someone got a leg up getting in you have to bust balls to stay in, your own that is.  I don’t ever recall getting a passing grade on a final by having the professor look at my ethnicity or gender.

And once there is equal funding for all public schools regardless of the tax base in the community we can get rid of State bill 185, the bake sales and the angry white republicans – well may not them they are like cockroaches they will outlive time.




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