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Brazilian Blowout Controversy: Is this Another Right Wing Conspiracy?

Can the anti-Hispanic sentiment get any worse?  I still haven’t recovered from hearing that Republican Congressman Steve King (a.k.a El Rey of anti-immigrants) is to be the new head of the immigration subcommittee – isn’t that like putting the wolf in charge of the hen house.  Thanks to him I have been checking out my ass all the time since he compares immigrants to “livestock” I hope he means the cute little chicks and not the heifers. 

Of course his rhetoric doesn’t affect any of us Latinos living legal and large in the U.S. but banning the Brazilian blow out will and I am convinced he’s behind it.

Ban the Brazilian wax if you will, though also a fan, with less traffic to that domain of the body its not critical, if you know what I mean.  The Brazilian blowout is THEE way I can claim to be an Americano with straight hair and of course my colorist is why I can claim to be a blond Americano.  What with racial profiling rampant in Arizona and coming soon to Colorado the Brazilian blowout is a must – a Democratic entitlement.  Image

So is the ban on the blowout another effort to make minorities suffer, because this one doesn’t care what levels of formaldehyde there is or that it’s a carcinogen -  as long as there is no kink in the folic. Oregon’s OHSA started the whole mess by leveling accusations at the company.  I guess if you’re from a state no one has heard of or cares about you have to get attention some how.  You know like Alaska. 

But now liberal lovin’ California Democratic Jerry Brown is suing the makers of the Brazilian blowout as the State’s Attorney General.  That’s when you really have to wonder if this is another right-wing conspiracy.  Is he trying to be a moderate?  No I say this is not the time to be politically centered go left NOW before my hair curls up. 

Experts say you can get headaches and nausea with the treatment – what the hell do you think will happen to me if I come out of the casita with my real hair - lots of nausea and headaches.  And to many I will be unrecognizable and possibly profiled as Latina and with Rep. Steve King in charge of immigration that is a problem.