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A Cautionary Tale of Latin Love Gone Very Wrong

A Cautionary Tale of Latin Love Gone Very Wrong

Photo: Professor Peter Frampton

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It was never suppose to end this way for the Oxford-trained, distinguished professor of physics and astronomy.  It was hopes of love that drove Paul Frampton to Latin America in January of this year.

The 68-year-old divorced professor at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill looked forward to pursing his budding romance, born on the Internet, with the buxom Miss Bikini World 2007, also known as Denise Milani. 

They planned their rendezvous in Latin America the land of passionate lovers.  First they were to go to Bolivia then on to Argentina and then back home to share their new life together.

He waited 10 days in Bolivia, the 32-year-old Milani never showed.  Incredulously he went on to Argentina hoping she would show up there.  It was here Frampton claims a Hispanic man, claiming to be his love-interest’s confidant, asked him to carry a suitcase to Milani who awaited him in Peru. 

She wasn’t in Bolivia or Argentina but surely she would be in Peru, he thought.

ImageThe suitcase was loaded with two kilos of cocaine and was discovered at the Ezieza International airport in Buenos Aires.

The brilliant man of science that has been credited with important discoveries in theoretical physics failed to use common sense at every juncture of this love story gone very wrong.

Milani, who proudly promotes her 32DD natural bust line online, is not believed to be involved and claims not to know the Professor.  More than likely Latin American drug traffickers used Frampton like others trolling the Internet for love as a useful source to move their drugs globally.

Now the shattered man, labeled by some as a physics genius, sits in the hellish Villa Devoto prison with other accused and convicted narcos.  His line of defense is a ‘personality disorder’ that renders him gullible and a mental disorder brought about by his ‘obsession with physics’ – doubtful that Argentina’s judicial system can or will acknowledge mental illness as an excuse for drug trafficking. 

Now Frampton stands to lose his tenure at the University, his dignity (well actually I think that might be gone) and ultimately his freedom.  There is also the real possibility that his life is in danger with violence a common occurrence in most Latin American prisons.  Argentine prisons have been criticized by human rights organizations as places where ‘humiliating treatment, torture, and beatings’ commonly occur. 

The prison was the dank setting for the “Kiss of the Spider Woman” novel by Manuel Puig.

Pleas to the Argentine government of President Cristina Kirchner on behalf of the British-born Frampton have fallen on deaf ears. 

ImageDo you think it has something to do with the loss of the Falkland Island to those ‘foreign invading’ British, some 30-years ago?  Kirchner gave the British an ‘Olympic snub’ refusing to attend the opening ceremonies of the London Olympics.  She went as far as recently labeling the benign Prince William a “Conquistador”. 

Eight months later Frampton still sits in Villa Devoto with no trial date in sight like many of the other accused in Argentina.  Frampton will now receive an informal education on the many shortcomings of Latin America’s justice system and their utter disregard for the human rights of the accused.

If you are interested in helping Frampton gain his freedom, check out this website organized by his many supporters.