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Why Hasn’t Ecuador Booted Julian Assange Out After His Latest Crime – Dating Pamela Anderson?

Julian Assange

Every time the incorrigible and alleged sexual aggressor Julian Assange makes news, people ask why hasn’t Ecuador booted his ass out of its embassy in London. Assange was back in the news when earlier this month, through his WikiLeaks organization, he published a plethora of CIA documents. Some would say his greater crime is dating Pamela Anderson, rock star’s favorite fossilized femme fatale.

Yes, Ecuador did cut off his internet access last year after WikiLeaks published a treasure trove of Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Party’s naughty emails. Otherwise this pale and pasty walking crime scene remains safely ensconced in an estimated 540 square foot section of the Ecuadorian Embassy, enraging the U.S.

Why? How?

The answer is simple: The left-leaning, American-bashing soon-to-be out of a job President Rafael Correa. Correa is Assange’s anti-imperalist brother from another mother. Correa saved Assange from cold showers in the penitentiary and Assange put Correa, leader of a nation of nearly 16 million people (smaller than New York State) on the big-boy stage of international drama and importance.

No one expects Assange to leave the drab building anytime soon, a building he has occupied since June, 2012, a locale that has left him pale with a ghoulish hue. He was avoiding extradition to Sweden to answer questions on allegations of: sexual molestation, unlawful coercion and rape. Yes the man that likes to expose everyones little dirty secrets has a couple of his own. Since Ecuador has not evicted Assange time has run out on two of his three charges. Now he just has to wait until 2020 to have the rape charge expire. Oh, well then there are those pesky potential death penalty charges for vomiting out everyone’s military secrets.

The bad news for Assange is there will be a new sheriff in town soon. The Ecuadorian presidential run-off elections will take place on April 2nd and candidate Guermillo Lasso already said he’s booting Assange out with a 30 day notice, if he wins. Lenin Moreno, Correa’s handed pick successor isn’t such a lefty but still leans that way; he is remarkably mute on the issue. What Moreno does know is if he wants to be pals with the U.S. the ghoul must go.

Then of course there are the wily charms of the 49-year-old former Baywatch star that might just lure, like a sea siren, Assange out of his hell-hole.

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