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Uber Co: Male, Pale and Stale With No Latinos in Sight

Uber  Bad for Latinos

Uber has just released its first-ever diversity report and its “No Bueno” for Latinos. Let’s start with the fact there are no Latinos in key positions of leadership on the technical side of the business where the real money and career growth lives. Overall, 5.6 percent of the Uber employees are Latino – the lowest showing of any minority demographic. And let us keep in mind that most of the company’s gender and ethnic diversity exists among the customer support teams where the soul-sucking jobs of answering phones exist.

The good news is Latino’s do not have to worry about being sexually harassed or tortured by the Idiot-in-Chief CEO Travis Kalanick who finds it acceptable to berate his own drivers – just some of the crimes the company has been accused of recently.

The report does not include drivers in its employee head count since they are not employees but are rather “partners” or “independent contractors” making starvation wages accompanied by no benefits. This slight-of-hand job classification means drivers are exempt from minimum wage requirements and are often deprived of certain government benefits.

The Lack Of Diversity Report does show that the male, pale and stale rule the roost at Uber, with Asians making up the largest minority employee pool at 31 percent. 77 percent of leadership roles at Uber belong to whites. And ssssh don’t tell President Donald Trump and his henchmen, 5 percent of the company’s employees are on work visas.

Latinos who do work at Uber in the U.S. (approximately 375) can be comforted that the company is “creating a diverse and inclusive Hispanic and Latino experience for all employees,” via its Los Uber’s employee group. We aren’t sure if that means there are Taco Tuesdays at the office or discounts offered at the local Pollo Loco. Luckily Los Ubers which assumes most Latinos speak Spanish sounds less pandering then “Jewber” or “UberHue” (promoting Black diversity).

WTF does company leadership drink cat piss to enhance its knowledge of cultural sensitivity?

And if none of that warms your heart, Uber has announced it will spend $3 million (stolen from all the drivers it rips off) to reach out to Latinos and Blacks at “Historically Black Colleges” and “Hispanic Serving Institutions.” FYI you can also find Latinos at Ivy League schools.

Latinos who were offended at the targeted outreach by Uber to become drivers so they can drive in inner cities or speak Spanish to passengers via UberEspañol should be offended no more.

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