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Taco Eye Make Up:  Latest Fashion Trend and an Ivanka Trump Must Have

Taco Eyes

Is there a fashion idea the country’s First Daughter Ivanka Trump hasn’t copied or slapped her eponymous label on? NO!

Is there a fashion trend she can lend her name to that doesn’t require an underpaid Chinese labor force? YES!

Is there a vanity project that is timely and ideally comes with a social message – one that will allow Trump to be seen as a woman of gravitas versus a woman riding the gravy train? YES! YES!

Thank you, PopSugar for highlighting the newest beauty/fashion trend on Instagram, possibly inspired by Taco Bell – taco eye makeup. And just in time so that Trump doesn’t have to continue to imbibe her own jar of tears after being welcomed to Washington by “a level of viciousness” she wasn’t expecting.

We don’t need to remind the overly groomed Trump that the eyes are the windows to the soul – assuming you have one. Imagine mini versions of one of America’s favorite foods on her eyes – it’s just what is needed to overcome a personality deficit or worse a parasitic one.

Taco Bell clearly knew what they were doing when in May they started asking their Twitter followers for their fave makeup look inspired by their favorite Mexican food (most likely not served at their restaurant chain) and voila several months later a fashion trend was born.

Whether you have a highly produced face looking for the next “it” statement or like Ivanka need to distract detractors from your limitations, look no further than the taco enhanced eyelid.

It has become apparent Ivanka prefers social causes she can endorse as a selective mute and work on legislation that will never see the light of day. So what better way to show her support for migrants, a cause no one supports in her father’s administration, but now she can with a wink of an eye. Lest we remind everyone that it was the Mexican immigrants that introduced the now beloved taco to the masses in the early 1900s and today it is the immigrants that continue to toil in fast food taco joints.

The taco was once seen as common street food but evolved to become a mainstay of the American dinner table, with an estimated 4 billion tacos consumed annually. What an uncanny parallel to Ivanka’s own rise to political stardom – she a daughter of privilege selling cheaply made but overly priced trinkets and baubles one moment and at the wink of an eye ascends to the role of presidential advisor and policy maker.

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Estelle Gonzales Walgreen

Estelle Gonzales Walgreen is a first generation Mexican-American and entrepreneur of convenience enjoying the next phase of her quixotic life-journey fulfilling a dream to write in order to make people laugh sideways and avoid institutionalization. Most recently Estelle co-founded HS-News serving as its Editor-in-Chief since no one else applied. She cries when mistaken for Jessica Alba her reptilian manicurist and smiles when engaging in taco politics.

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