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Jeff Session Brings Out His Pitchfork & Banjo to Get Trump to End DACA


Breaking News: President Donald Trump who was no where in sight, has the Good Ole Boy from the South officially tell DREAMers DACA is to be “rescinded” so that “society can flourish.” The announcement is also an official announcement that the Republican is now a Whites Only party.

Original Story: All signs point to current (at least for now) President Donald J. Trump showing ‘Dreamers’ his love by giving them the boot out of the country with the underside of his size 12 Italian loafers.

The Obama-era program that protects an estimated 800,000 undocumented youth, mostly Latino, from deportation apparently will be no more. Trump a man of his word (I know that sounds funny) stated in February I am “Gonna deal with DACA with heart” “I love these kids, I love all kids.” And we assume he didn’t just mean the five children he has with three different women – he meant all kids. Right?

So while showing these kids the border exit as an act of Trump love, he is using his bile-encrusted heart to delay any deportation actions by six months so the perpetually ineffective Congress can create a solution to the problem.

This is the very Congress that hasn’t passed one piece of substantial legislation since Trump took office. These are the very same people that couldn’t pass health care reform if their lives or their constituent’s lives depended on it.

The program, officially known as the “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” (DACA) was created by executive order by then President Barrack Obama in 2012 - created after no one including himself acted aggressively on immigration reform.

Apparently the law-abiding citizens of the White House including the head of the Justice Department, Jeff Sessions, felt DACA was not following the rule of law and therefore illegal.

Sessions, who many believe is a closeted racist, took out his pitchfork and bango from the closet (hopefully not wrinkling his white robes) to be a leading voice in urging the president to shut down DACA. The argument being that law created by Executive Action is not legally justifiable.

Many in Trump’s Republican Party and especially his base have also urged Trump to dump DACA because it’s CACA. CACA because true Americans need the 800,000 jobs these ‘Dreamers’ are taking – forgetting that the majority of DACA beneficiaries are not working full-time but rather in school. Forgetting that the economy on average this year created 187,000 jobs monthly and we are enjoying a 16-year low rate of unemployment.

Someone maybe even Ivanka Trump should remind the president that history has shown that the rule of law isn’t always on the right side of history. Remember segregation, Japanese interment, riding in the back of the bus – all rule of law eventually found to be in the wrong.

Trump who appears to rule by whom ever has his ear (and no we don’t need to clean the remnants of his spray tan off) last did not listen to the myriad of CEOs urging him to keep DACA. CEOs like Facebook Mark Zuckerburg, Apple Inc CEO Time Cook, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and the list goes on. Who cares what over 300 CEOs and “real billionaires” like Warren Buffet think? The idea that children who came here illegally due to no fault of their own and can/must prove they are contributing members of society is actually a popular idea, supported by sixty-four percent of America. Maybe it was the word “popular” that pissed the president off much like not winning the popular vote.

Alas, it was the driving thought leadership from the small man (we mean he’s only 5’4”) from Alabama that mattered most.


Sessions has always been concerned about “actual American citizens” and their ability to have jobs. He has accused immigrants of creating “culture problems,” stealing jobs from Americans, and has warned anyone who will listen that immigrants “numbers cannot be too great.”

Of course his definition of “American” is very limited since he has voted against the rights of African-Americans, gays, LGBT, legal immigrants, immigrants, etc.. . Just because he put on a better suit to be head of the Justice Department doesn’t mean in his off-hours he isn’t ironing his white suit from Selma, Alabama.

This is the same man who was thought to be too ”racist” to be a federal judge but all of a sudden racially reformed enough to head up the Justice Department. No one should forget that he was THE leading voice against immigration reform and a fierce opponent of LEGAL immigration while in the Senate.

Doe he just wants “whitey” to matter, some would ask? No matter if the White person is unemployable, living on life-long welfare benefits and barely made it past the 10th grade – apparently someone is taking their job and making their life worse. AndTrump agreed.

What can you do?

Tomorrow when Trump is expected to formally announce his dumping of DACA – please participate in any of the hundreds of events planned to urge someone, anyone even Congress to “defendDACA.” Go to www.defenddaca.com to find an event near you.

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Estelle Gonzales Walgreen is a first generation Mexican-American and entrepreneur of convenience enjoying the next phase of her quixotic life-journey fulfilling a dream to write in order to make people laugh sideways and avoid institutionalization. Most recently Estelle co-founded HS-News serving as its Editor-in-Chief since no one else applied. She cries when mistaken for Jessica Alba her reptilian manicurist and smiles when engaging in taco politics.

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