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Entrepreneurs Cashing In on “Lets Catch Us an Illegal” Bandwagon

They say desperation is the mother of all invention and clearly 26 year-old Houston web designer, George O’Brien was desperate to figure out how to identify illegal aliens. So much so that he has launched www.IllegalAlienReport.com commenting. continue reading »

Salute to Santos Merendon A Most Unlikely American

The call came yesterday; my padrino Santos had passed away after a valiant battle with cancer. This very proud, quiet and dignified man had come to the end of his road and I was saying good-bye to the first entrepreneur I had ever known, a distinction I don’t think he quit understood. continue reading »

Feliz Víspera de Todos Los Santos, a.k.a. HAPPY HALLOWEEN

It is time for new costumes at the Walgreen household; we have been living with the Disney costumes for far too long. There appears to be an interest in vampires and outer space aliens, my young children are convinced they need to belong to another world not the dictatorship known as mom’s house. Low and behold what do I find on line, continue reading »

Alberto Needs A New Padrino!

The scandal plagued former U.S. Attorney General and loyal Bushie, Alberto Gonzales lands an obscure job helping minority college students find their way? ?POR QUE? continue reading »

Living High WITH the Hogs!

Excitement surged when I heard that the high-heeled and the well heeded where being sought out to share personal thoughts and insights for this premiere issue of Michigan Avenue. I anxiously awaited my call. Yes, the tiara of the high life was a bit tarnished and gathering dust out here in the North Shore but still faintly glittered with memories of fabled fete’s and fast travels. continue reading »

Chicago’s Very Own Oscar

What tall, good-looking, well-known man known mostly by his first name calls Chicago home? No silly not Barack, its Oscar as in Academy Awards. As all of us are preparing for the 81st Academy Award season Oscar, the statuette has slowly been making its way from its Chicago confines to the Academy’s offices in Los Angeles. continue reading »