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Rep. Luis Gutierrez Ready to be President in 2020?


Las week, when Illinois Democratic Representative Luis Gutierrez announced he was retiring from Congress after 24 years of service many were saddened. But many more, especially those in the Latino community, were left wondering what’s next for this bundle of pro-immigrant energy.

What a loss it would be for immigration rights for Gutierrez simply to disappear from a life of service.

Gutierrez, 63, did assure everyone when he announced his retirement that he was not “retiring” from his immigration reform efforts and to that end anointed former Chicago mayoral candidate Jesus “Chuy” Garcia to take up his mantle. He remains committed to the nearly 800,000 DREAMers that remain without protection after President Trump eliminated the Deferred Action program (DACA), earlier this year.

Will Gutierrez seek the highest office in the land? President Gutierrez in 2020? The rumor mill in Chicago is flying high about this possibility. If there can be a president who has a record number of bankruptcies why can’t there be a president with a record number of civil disobedience arrests on behave of the country’s immigrants.

The left-leaning Congressman siting it’s his “time to move on” is leaving the political arena as immigration reform has stalled, some would say died. He leaves as his beloved Puerto Rico continues to struggle after the devastation of Hurricane Maria. However he left the door open to run for public office in the future. Gutierrez has flirted with running for Mayor of Chicago but many believe the time is right for him to go national - he has made a national name for himself on Latino issues especially immigration.

The only solid clue as to Gutierrez’ presidential aspirations are his efforts to learn more about campaign finance law, according to POLITICO. In his POLITICO interview he clearly stated “I want to build something big, I want to build something national.”

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