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POLL: Democrats Winning Latino Vote for Mid-Term Elections

Latino Mid-Term Elections

Hispanic voters will favor Democratic candidates in the November 4th mid-term elections, despite President Obama’s inaction on immigration, according to a Latino Decisions poll of 600 registered Hispanic voters across the country.

The survey, commissioned by the pro-immigration reform group America’s Voice, found that 34 percent of people interviewed said they would vote for a Democratic candidate, while another 25 percent said they leaned toward a Republican candidate.

Latino Decisions director Matt Barreto said Monday that the survey showed Democrats have a 2-to-1 edge over Republicans among Latino voters, but they have lost plenty of support since the last presidential and congressional elections.

During the 2012elections, Hispanic voters’ main motivation was “to support Democrats”, Barreto said, but two years later, most potential voters said they would go to the polls to support the Latino community.

This change in priorities, he said, mostly reflects the disappointment among Hispanics at Obama’s decision to postpone, until after the elections, any executive order on immigration - a calculated White House move that might hurt some Democratic candidates.

For 67 percent of the people surveyed by Latino Decisions, immigration is either the most important issue or one of the most important issues in casting their votes next month, while 24 percent said it is not too important, with 10 percent saying that it is not important at all.

Republicans have a comfortable majority in the House of Representatives, but the Democratic majority in the Senate may be at risk in the upcoming midterms.

The poll found that Latino voters might tilt the scale in six key States: Colorado, Kansas, Alaska, Georgia, North Carolina and Iowa, where the percentage of Hispanic voters is higher than the numbers that separate Republican and Democratic candidates in the polls.

A similar situation, Latino Decisions said, occurs in the contests for governors in 12 states: Arizona, Florida, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Hawaii, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Kansas, Alaska, Georgia and Wisconsin.

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