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Forget the Piñata Here’s the Newest Party Must Have: Angry Baby Trump Balloon


Yes, there are abundant choices of Donald Trump pinatas. There is the “larger than life” Donald Trump head piñata. Amazon’s popular 3D hand-molded Trump piñata and a favorite in Mexico, a Trump piñata overlaid with a Trump mask that’s ignitable - the one everyone in Mexico used to show their displeasure at the “bad hombres” commentary.

The problem with pinatas regardless of your political persuasion is they don’t last. So the enterprising folks in the United Kingdom (UK) have designed a massive 20 foot helium filled balloon. Yes, the price tag is high - $23,000 but the pleasure received is endless some would say.

The balloon designers aptly described the balloon as “angry baby with a fragile ego and tiny hands.” The balloon more importantly is set to greet the U.S. president when he arrives this week in London - a non-official state visit. No visiting parliament, no invite to Buckingham Palace, just a greeting from a balloon.

The angry baby balloon may soon travel the world after it flies over London for two hours. And piñata copies are sure to follow.

Detractors see the balloon as disrespectful to a sitting president others are loving the idea. Nearly 10,000 folks signed a petition to make sure the balloon was allowed to fly during the Trump visit and the project was quickly crowdsource funded.

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