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Who is Trump’s First and Only Latino Appointee: Alexander Acosta


President Donald J. Trump almost finished his first 100 days without a Latino in his administration a first for a modern day president but not for a president that goes out of his way to ignore the large demographic.

Low and below comes Alexander Acosta the second choice to Trump’s first choice for Labor Secretary. Andrew Putzer, not Latino, was Trump’s first choice but once his dirty laundry aired the nomination was derailed.

Acosta, 48, has the basic credentials in place: Republican, conservative and Cuban. It also helps that he had gone through three prior presidential-confirmation processes successfully – Trump needed a sure bet this time.

The Miami native, whose parents are Cuban immigrants, is a Harvard College and Harvard Law College alum. He has clerked for Justice Samuel Alito, Jr. and has taught and practiced law. This Hispanic standout was the first Latino to hold the rank of Assistant Attorney General then became U.S. Attorney in 2005. Acosta left his stellar legal career for academia, joining the Florida International University, College of Law as its dean in 2009. Most recently he served as chairman of U.S. Century Bank in Florida – the largest domestically owned Hispanic community bank in the state.

Acosta was sworn in as the 27th U.S. Labor Secretary joining an administration low on minorities. He becomes the third following Ben Carson who is African-American, Asian-American Elaine Chao and U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley who is Indian American.


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