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VIDEO:  Remembering Melania as a Newlywed

Where's Melania?

Since everyone can easily forget what the often-absent Melania Trump looks like except that is always shiny and spackled. Here’s a trip down Trump memory lane.

Check out the first primetime interview of the Trump newlyweds after their 2005 gold-encrusted wedding. What’s changed? Well we will start with Melania’s face that is remarkably different than today and then there’s Donald who is less orange. The rest is the same.

Lots of talk about Melania’s modeling career where she made lots of money yet no specific examples of her success except for an AFLAC commercial and of course there are countless plugs for the Donald’s Celebrity Apprentice television show. So in between professing their adoration for each other Donald promotes himself.

Check it out and see what is different from Trumps 2005 versus Trumps 2017.

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