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Video: Many Trump Failures in First 100 Days, It’s Day 106 and It’s Not Getting Any Better


Watch this humorous video from Funny or Die that perfectly captures President Donald J. Trump’s 100 mistakes (which is actually a conservative figure) in 100 days. Our favorite is the spastic hand shaking and barely literate use/abuse of the English language.

Now it has been 6 days since that epic presidential benchmark and we can add the following:

1) Passage of a health care bill that Trump knows little about and worse doesn’t know how many people it will deprive of access to health care.

2) Signing Executive Order (lazy man’s version of legislating) expanding powers of religious organizations allowing them to engage in political activity. So imagine being condemned for your sins and then told to support your local Republican candidates.

3) Thought Prince Phillip was already dead and blaming ‘fake news’ for not telling him he is alive and well, just retiring.

4) White House announces first foreign trip for the president so he can globally embarrass the United States to the Vatican, Saudia Arabia and Israel.

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