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DWTS’ Gov. Rick Perry the Enthusiastic Polluter with Thought Droughts Named Next Energy Secretary

Rick Perry's Memory

The low-energy former ‘Dancing with the Stars’ (DWTS) contestant Rick Perry, often defined by gaffes and thought droughts, has been nominated by President-elect Donald Trump to be the next Energy Secretary.

The department, created during World War II, and its nearly 14,000 employees are responsible for the country’s nuclear arsenal, clean energy initiatives, addressing the effect of climate change, environmental cleanup efforts and “protecting Americans from the threat of nuclear harm and pollution.”

Taking a quick look at the longest-serving governor of Texas’ position on energy issues when he is lucid and not enthusiastically speaking misspoken facts indicate an ominous future for a scientific-driven approach to energy policy.

Records show that he is not a supporter of renewable energy, the 66-year old double-trying Republican presidential candidate does like to take stuff out of the ground, you know like your doddering uncle with a metal detector looking for old pennies and prefers the practice of yesteryear by drilling for gas and oil everywhere
and anywhere. As board member of Energy Transfer Partners, lead developer of the controversial Dakota Access pipeline, Perry is expected to enthusiastically support drilling on federal pristine land.

On climate change Perry does not believe it and on occasion utilizes the scientifically unproven approach of prayer to wish it away. When Texas was under siege from drought and wildfires he declared three “Days of Prayer for Rain”. He also invokes God when trying to explain environmental disasters. He blamed the big guy in the sky for the BP spill of 210 million gallons of oil in the Gulf of Mexico. Not sure if Perry will dial God to handle other environmental disasters that happen under his watch.

As far as his record “protecting Americans from the threat of pollution” – can’t find one. Texas “power plants, cement factories, refineries, and other facilities produce far more ozone-causing pollutants than those in any other state,” according to analysis of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency data. New York Times noted “Under Mr. Perry, Texas has moved eagerly to build coal-fired power plants, even as other states have stopped issuing permits for the plants because of pollution concerns.”

Politicos are trying to figure out how Perry became the front runner for the position since he vowed in 2012, during his first failed presidential bid, to eliminate the very department he stands to run. He was also the first presidential candidate in 2015, during his second brief anemic presidential bid, to call Trump out labeling him “mean-spirited” “barking carnival act” and a “cancer on conservatism” eventually endorsing Ted Cruz.

Other strongly suggest that it was his Cha Cha dance on DWTS donning garish western wear that won Trump over especially when Perry dedicated his geriatric dancing efforts to Trump:

“You know, I was probably more helpful to Donald last night being here then sitting in the audience at the debate because people got to see a Republican that they may have thought was some stuffed shirt – you know, right-wing, crazy whack job or however they would like to identify us – and over the course of the last month, people got to see a person I think that they came to enjoy being around and liked,” he said to People magazine.

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