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Angel of Death Visits Latinos and Its Called TrumpCare


Emiliano Zapata once said it is “Better to die on your feet than live on your knees” - what about dying in an emergency room waiting to be seen. The revolutionary could never of imagined the likes of Trumpcare and the crypt-keeper President Donald J. Trump creating the real possibility that death would come in the slow grip of un-insured-ness.

Hispanics have benefited greatly from the Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare, since prior to the historic legislation they represented about a third of the country’s uninsured and still remain the largest uninsured demographic. Latinos, nonetheless, benefited greatly because many are employed in the informal and transient job market, a market that typically does not offer health benefits but now were required to offer coverage under Obamacare.

Latino enrollment rates under ObamaCare grew by 7.2 percent – which translates to approximately 4 million Latinos gaining health insurance, while another 8.8 million with their own insurance were able to expand their existing coverage. So when the American Health Care Act, known as Trumpcare, arose from the doomsday bunker which doubles as Speaker Paul Ryan’s office – Latinos knew the Angel of Death had come for them. The Congressional Budget Office and Joint Committee (CBO) report merely confirmed it.

The need-blind Republican plan will result in 14 million, mostly low income people, to lose coverage next year mainly as a result of becoming ineligible for Medicaid and being unable to afford other insurance. Others would be losing existing subsidies offered under Obamcare to help pay for their premiums. In total 52 million Americans would be uninsured by 2026 compared to 28 million if Obamacare remained in place.

Critics would say the new plan allows for expanded Health Savings Accounts – to save for future medical expenses. This assumes you have any money to save and can live long enough to pay installments on a new kidney or chemo.

Clearly when Trump said “Insurance for everybody” he meant insurance for everyone but I didn’t mean 14 Million of you. His voters are surely over enjoyed at the $327 billion reduction from the federal deficit unfortunately without health insurance and access to preventive care they won’t live long enough to enjoy it.

Cristóbal J. Alex, president of the Latino Victory Fund, issued the following statement about TrumpCare: “The CBO’s estimate makes clear that TrumpCare will cause serious harm to millions of Latinos. Republicans spent seven years railing against the Affordable Care Act. Now that they control Congress and the Presidency, rather than improving the health care bill to help those caught in the gaps, they’ve chosen to rip away life-saving health care coverage from the most vulnerable members of our society. Make no mistake: this plan will hurt Latinos, working Americans, and ironically, the Trump supporters who were begging for repeal.”

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