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Trump Considering ‘Latinos for Trump” Founder for Key Position: Mar-a-Lago Short Order Cook or Casino Bartender


Latino media anxiously awaits to hear how President-elect Donald Trump will utilize his staunchest Latino supporter, Marco Gutierrez – Founder of Latino’s for Trump. With the announcement of Trump’s first appointees - Rence Preibus and Steve Bannon - the bar has been set low and expected to go lower, assuring Gutierrez will fit right in.

A role as Secretary of Defense could be in the future for Gutierrez who warned Trump “defend your country” from Hispanics otherwise there would be an invasion of “taco trucks.”

The self-professed “visionary, entrepreneur & negociateur” is actually a real estate scammer according to several California state regulatory agencies. He has been accused of ripping off immigrants and Spanish-speaking folks allegedly trying to help them avoid foreclosure. Yes the connection to Trump is uncanny with both men being involved in real estate albeit at different levels. Folks it gets better, since Gutierrez is apparently also a “serial bankruptcy filer” just like Trump once again at different levels.

The 42-year-old Mexican immigrant became a U.S. citizen in 2003 and a dedicated Republican ever since. The GOP could not be prouder.

Trump thus far is committed to keeping his administration a sausage club so Gutierrez fits the necessary profile. This diseased burrito’s only negative is that he is not a “white guy” but no one will notice since he is clearly a chronic bigot and brown-people basher like other potential cabinet
nominees. There is also the possibility that the “greatest jobs president that God has ever created” racially profiles Gutierrez and hires him as a short-order cook in Mar-a-Lago or a bartender at one of his casinos.

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