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VIDEO: Nazi-Hiding Argentina Reminded of Its Shameful Secrets


Argentina was just cold-cocked into remembering its enthusiastic support for Nazis and Third Reich villains when a treasure trove of Nazi pieces was recently discovered in a house near Buenos Aires. Labeled as the “largest apprehension of archaeological and Nazi pieces of our history,” by the Argentine government little doubt exists that these 75 items belonged to a high ranking Nazi party member. Some of the items have been linked to the Führer, Adolf Hitler, himself through historic photographs.

And while the internet is busy with rumors that Adolf Hitler is still alive in Argentina, Argentina is trying to distance itself once again from its shameful past and fascist leanings that gave nearly 5,000 Nazis and SS members refuge when the Third Reich collapsed in 1945.

A raid in June by Interpol in a home located in a Buenos Aires suburb uncovered the Nazi-centric items. The home is suspected of belonging to an art dealer selling “illicit artwork,” the personal museum was hidden from view and found behind a secret passage in the Beccar house.

The items run the gamut from toys used to indoctrinate youth to a large bust honoring the Führer to medical devices probably associated with the Nazis’ ethnic cleansing programs, including a tool used to measure human skulls. Then there are the necessary accoutrements of death, guns and daggers, all with the Nazi insignia.

The finding confirms what many know to be fact despite ardent official denials. Argentine through its President Juan Peron (1946 to 1955) enthusiastically and shamelessly helped war criminals avoid justice and allowed them to hide their identity from the world. They were given false Argentine passports, given new identities so they could hide in plain sight.

Most of Latin America welcomed fleeing Nazis’ but Argentina harbored the most, thanks in great part to the country’s fascist-leanings and Peron’s hope that their military and scientific talents would give rise to Argentina as a world power. Extensive research has shown the dictator Peron secretly ordered the creation of “ratlines,” through international ports to smuggle thousands of former SS officers safely into Argentina, at times with help from the Catholic Church.

Yes, Argentina remained neutral through much of World War II but after its conclusion it became complicit in preserving Nazism and the ideals of the Third Reich. The country gave shelter to some of the most evil names associated with Nazism: Klaus Barbie (Butcher of Lyon), Dr. Josef Mengele (Angel of Death), and Adolf Eichmann (head of Gestapo).

Argentina’s crimes did not stop there it also gave refuge to dozens of European fascists, many of them involved in promoting the Nazi cause. And it closed its borders to Jews – especially Jewish refugees suffering at the hands of the Nazis.

Today, the stain remains, as does the secrecy.

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