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VIDEO:  “Little Marco” Rubio Gets Ballsy and Tells ‘Dictator’Maduro You’re a Fat F**k Up

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Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio, lovingly known as “Little Marco”, got ballsy and went right to the people of Venezuela in solidarity and let them know their leader is getting “fat” off their hard work and is F’ing up everything that is good about the country.

It is bold and rare for any Senator to go directly to the citizens of another country to diss and piss on their duly elected leader. Especially coming from Rubio, a known wafter on many issues, it is surprising and in stark contrast to the politically diminutive label given to him by then-Presidential candidate Donald Trump dubbing him “Little Marco” when Rubio’s presidential aspirations crashed and burned in 2016.

Rubio it must be pointed out was not going rogue but rather joining the U.S. consensus branding current Venezuelan President Francisco Maduro a “dictator” after a violence-soaked election this past Sunday which attempted to restructure the country’s constitution. Rubio went on Venezuelan independent TV for 10-minutes in his perfect Spanish urging Maduro to get out of the way and allow free and fair elections. He also noted that the Venezuelan people are starving and Maduro is getting fat along with members of his administration.

Watch the video where Rubio provides no offer of official help to Venezuelan people except for his solidarity – which is free. The U.S. had frozen Maduro’s assets earlier in the day before Rubio went on Venezuelan TV.

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