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Latin America Has the Highest Number of Female Scientific Researchers in the World

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Female Researchers

According to Lidia Brito, the head of the Science Policy and Sustainable Development Division of UNESCO, “45% of the scientific researchers in Latin America are women, the highest for any region of the world”.

During a speech in Montevideo at the Ecosystems of Innovation in Latin America: Policies, Institutions, and Impact conference this week, which is being held at the Spanish Training and Cooperation Center in Uruguay, Brito provided various statistics regarding the region’s research and development situation.

Brazil and Mexico produce 30 percent of the new science PhD holders in the region, she said, adding that 45 percent of the scientific researchers in the region are women.

90percent of R&D investment is concentrated in four countries (Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico), but Brazil has 60 percent of that funding, according to the latest science report produced by UNESCO.

“It’s important to recognize that it’s a region that’s growing but where there’s still much to do,” Brito said.

Countries like Mexico and Argentina are positioning themselves very well and are standing out on the international level, but Brazil is the country that is truly the significant player in R&D, according to Brito.

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