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Is Bolivia the Real Jurassic Park?  Unknown Mammal Species from 13 Million Years Ago Just Uncovered


Bolivia may become the newest and real life Jurassic Park as more ancient mammal species are discovered there.

Southern Bolivia is now home to two newly-discovered species of mammals thought to have roamed the earth nearly 13 million years ago. Thanks to the efforts of an international team of paleontologists remnants of moose-like mammals have been found. The larger creature weight is estimated at 255 pounds and the smaller one at 120 pounds –both belonging to the Miocene species. The Miocene species includes apes, whales and other large mammals, while the Miocene Epoch existed from 5 million to 23 million years ago.

The team, according to the Science News, discovered a partial skull, a nearly complete jaw and miscellaneous bones in a fossil site southwest of Tarija, Bolivia – the country’s wine making region. The fossils were located in the Quebrada Honda site – a site rich in ancient fossils. More than 30 species of mammals have been discovered at the Quebrada Honda all part of the Miocene Epoch. The site has offered rich insights to ancient animals that lived in South America
and is only one of two rich in ancient mammal fossils – the other being in Colombia, first Macrauchenia was discovered by Charles Darwin in 1834 in Argentina.

The newly discovered species are known as “litoperns” of the “Macrauchenia” genus. Animals in this genus tend to be hooved large size mammals, the first Macrauchenia was discovered by Charles Darwin in 1834 in Argentina.

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