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Goya Makes Sizable Donation to Marc Anthony’s New Foundation Project

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Maestro Cares Foundation

A partnership between Marc Anthony’s Maestro Cares Foundation and Goya Foods will give more than 200 orphans in Colombia a chance at an education. The Maestro Cares Foundation was created in June of 2012 with the aim of attending to the housing and educational needs of disadvantaged children in Latin American countries.

The singer and businessman Henry Cardenas, the leading sponsors of The Maestro Cares Foundation, received a donation of $150,000 from Goya Foods for the construction of an educational complex in Barranquilla.

Their donation will help buy supplies for a halfway house and a school for Barranquilla kids, in addition to providing funds to purchase clothing, food and hire personnel for several academic, social and recreational programs.

The facilities at the orphanage will include a library, classrooms, sleeping quarters, a medical clinic inside and outside recreation areas, as well as a soccer field, among other things.

This is the second time that the Maestro Cares Foundation has built an orphanage for Latin American children. The first orphanage is located in La Romana, Dominican Republic, which houses 100 children.

Goya said the project will be completed in April 2015.

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