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Come Visit Latin America’s Only Pot Museum in Uruguay, Dimebags, Blunts Not Included

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Pot Museum in Uruguay

California may have the new “Hollyweed” sign but only Uruguay can lay claim to being the only country that has legalized marijuana and now has the first museum in Latin America dedicated to all-things weed. The museum is the culmination of a two year effort by the Ministry of Tourism to pay homage to marijuana, its benefits and utility. Most importantly El Museo Cannabis Montevideo is a shrine to the progressive drug policies of the only country in the world to legalize marijuana nation-wide.

The Museum is located in the capital city of Montevideo in the quaint neighborhood of Palermo. Palermo, located south of the city center, is an immigrant-friendly enclave with low-rises and vintage houses.

Museum director Eduardo Blasina, describes the museum as a “cultural club” with a mission to promote “biological and cultural diversity.” “It is a way to connect people who love nature, art and science.”

The South American country of 3.3 million legalized marijuana in December of 2013 after a decade-long effort. The government now controls the production and distribution of marijuana. Individuals can seek to become licensed pot farmers selling to licensed pharmacies. The current government-set price for pot is $1/gram.

Consumers can buy up to 1.4 ounces of pot per month from a licensed pharmacy (plan feature not available until later this year) or ask for permission to grow pot at home. For the more socially minded individuals they can join a “cannabis club” in order to grow larger quantities for self-consumption only. Uruguay currently has over 500 licensed cultivators and 27 cannabis clubs.

Note to tourists who visit El Museo Cannabis Montevideo you can touch but NOT taste or buy what you see in the Museum. And please don’t lick the hemp made products it’s a sure why to get kicked your butt kicked out to the quaint streets of Palermo.

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